My Wild Atlantic Way-ward Hair!

Mad hair

We all battle a particular beauty dilemma and mine is most definitely my mop of  thick, opinionated curly, now fuzzy hair. It’s a daily struggle to flatten the frizz – I started out with a steam straightener (hello?! adding water to make steam and applying to the hair – the wool was pulled well over our eyes with that invention!) Thankfully GHDs were born and I can honestly say I would die without mine.  When I moved to the beautiful ‘rainy capital of Ireland’ Galway, the frizz was only dying to take over. My GHD was under serious daily pressure and passed away peacefully while still under warranty – thankfully the lovely people of GHD have agreed to replace  it , but fear not  I am still  ‘drying and frying’ thanks to a few good friends who rallied in at my hour of need lending me their straighteners – oh and these are the friends I love to hate…the ones who ‘rarely use straighteners’ – ladies, you don’t know how lucky you are!

Down the years, I have tried every manner of product to control my wayward locks; leave-in conditioners, creams, serums, hair-spray, I’ve even resorted to gel and sometimes stealing a blob of hair wax belonging to my other half! Oh and you would think because  I work in marketing I wouldn’t be fooled by all the marketing ploys making big promises to ‘relax’, ‘tame’, ‘smooth’, ‘condition’, ‘hydrate’….the list is endless , resulting in my endless supply of hair products!!

So I’ve decided to list a few of my favourite hair taming products which have been tried and tested over time, and these are the ones you will always find in my bathroom cabinet.  Most of them are super-market buys which are just brilliant! The products below definitely work for us curly-heads who straighten daily, but might be a bit too heavy for some of you ‘straight-yet frizzies’, so read on my curly sistas!

Shampoo & Conditioner :

Aussie Miracle Moist – available in most supermarkets and pharmacies…often on offer in Tesco & Boots! I love reading the labels in the shower …as they say ‘its for hair that’s unhappy’ – I sometimes think my hair is actually depressed!

Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner – (as you can see the shampoo bottle is missing, clearly emptied out!) These are rich and indulgent and if you can afford a splurge every now and then they are definitely worth it! They are available to buy in salons stocking Joico or you can buy them online here


Smoothing  & Styling Products:

Schwarzkopf got2b Styling Oil – oh so brilliant and a snip at under €6 – great to use on wet or dry hair – you can pick it up in Boots! I’ve been using this for years.

If you feel like splurging a bit more, opt for Moroccanoil (another product that I can’t live without) It lasts for ages and you only need a couple of drops to smooth and nourish the most unruly frizzies! Available in all good hair salons – I bought mine here from  and there is an offer currently available  – you can buy 125ml for the price of 100ml – this is one of my favourite beauty product websites.


Sebastian Potion 9 –  An iconic nourishing and conditioning treat for your tresses! – buy it here . Great for sun holidays to hydrate the hair.


The smooth operators!

The Tool Kit:

Need I say more – my trusty GHD (actually the one in the pic is borrowed while I await my new one!)

Parlux Hairdryer – I spy most hair-dressers using these and they are powerful!  You can buy them in salon supply shops such as, which are located in Athlone, Galway & Castlebar.

Don’t forget you must use a heat protector spray, and because I’m worth it I use L’oreal Elnett – well if it’s good enough for the ‘slebs who promote it, it’ll do me! But in all seriousness, it is one of the best – there is one downfall though… wooden floors are like ice rinks after using it – the mist creates a slippery surface, so don’t injure yourself in the process of de-frizzing!


My basket of tricks! Abracadabra…frizz be gone!

For in-betweeny days Batiste Dry Shampoo is the best! I will say no more about this aul reliable! I am sure the shelves of Penneys and chemists countrywide were cleared of Batiste as the women made their descent on Stradbally for 3 days of unwashed hair at Electric Picnic – you go girls!

A few other tips!

Be nice to your hair – don’t pile it on top of your head in the shower and scrub like a lunatic…this will not help! Just massage the scalp and the suds running down will clean the lengths.

Use a rich, creamy conditioner and towel dry your hair gently – do not rub it wildly!

Dry your hair as soon as you can after washing before the frizzies are born!

When using your hair-dryer always blow-dry downwards along the shaft of the hair – blast drying ends in disaster…’Tasmanian Devil’ comes to mind (remember that cartoon? not a good look!)

Always use a serum and a heat protector spray if you over-use heat styling tools like I do.

Hurrying your way through straightening is no benefit – just take small sections of hair and smooth your straightener slowly down the hair.

Find an amazing hairdresser – Love her forever – adopt her if you must – she will be your BFF

NEVER EVER leave home without an umbrella.


A strong umbrella is a necessity for the Wild Atlantic weather!

And just remember all you need is time, patience and upper body strength to straighten your hair!

                    Love, Tanya heart


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