A ‘Midi’ Life Crisis

I guess it was my fictional BFF Carrie Bradshaw that introduced me to the midi skirt. There she was tottering around NYC, Paris and Abu Dhabi in her fabulous designer heels with the swishiest skirts, cut at the perfect length. That was it, I had to have one!

Carrie coat Carrie tulle Carrie.Aidan

I always wondered if a midi skirt would suit me or if I was too small or too ‘country-looking’ to pull one off. It turned out that my wedding dress was a little longer than a midi and it was then I knew I fell in love with this length of skirt.

I am 5 foot nothing (barefoot)…waaaay taller in heels, so I can confirm it does suit us ‘smallies’. My taller friends (which is basically every friend I have) can rock the midi length too as I’ve seen many of them embracing the look for weddings. race meets and nights out.

The midi length suits all shapes and sizes, so whether you are slim or curvy they are just perfect – they can add curves to slim shapes (the tulle ones are great for adding volume) and they can create the most amazing waist on curvier girls as they cinch in at the smallest part of your waist. Always remember that models on websites are usually 5’8″ or taller, so don’t be deceived if the skirt only hits their knee on an image. Also, if you don’t want the very ‘full’ look, try to find a midi skirt that does not have pleats kicking out from the waist-band. Many of them have seams sewn down a few inches from the waist-band and then have an opening pleat which is much more flattering. If you are very conscious of adding fullness don’t go for the accordion pleats (they are the little small ones, as in the Zara photo below)

Personally, I would suggest a fitted top when wearing a full midi skirt to show off your waist and always heels!

Midi length though is not just about the full skirt. Midi length is a very classy length for pencil and straight skirts and dresses too. No matter what age you are, midi length is just so demure and a little bit sophisticated too…well I think so anyway!

Here’s a few of my current favourites:


Casual and chic with a denim shirt: Buy from Chicwish here 

Asos midis sep

Both of the above midi dresses are from asos.com

Left: Finders Keepers buy here

Right: Asos Wiggle dress buy here – this dress is available in tall/petite and in lots of colours and patterns, so when you are on the asos site, just search ‘wiggle dress’ for the full range

Coast skirt


Both of the above are from Coast who have an amazing selection of midi skirt and dresses, so check them out here

Warehouse midi

Accordion skirt

Left/top: Warehouse printed midi – buy here

Right/bottom: Zara pleated midi –  buy here

Have a super weekend my lovelies x

Love T x heart

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