Splurge or Save?

Happy Sunday,

We all have wish-lists…whether it’s the designer (our just out of our price range) bag, shoes or item of clothing,  the expensive face cream or the top of the range cosmetic product…there is always something we lust after.

Sometimes we do manage to get on hands on our ‘wishes’ if we squirrel away a few euros every week, drop a hint for the birthday or dare I say it Christmas, or we forfeit something else.  But lets be honest, sometimes things are just simply out of our price range – the mortgage has to be paid, the kids need new shoes, the leccy bill has gone through the roof, the car tax is due…isn’t there always something?

So I have decided that every Sunday I will do my very best to recommend a similar wish list item that won’t cost the earth. If you would like me to find/suggest something for you, I would love the challenge so just message me here or ring/text 086-8129555  or email: tanyahennigan@gmail.com anything during the week, to give me time to look!

So today, it’s my own wish:

The Michael Kors Bedford Medium Shoulder Bag  – €295 from Brown Thomas Buy it here. It’s also in black…one can dream! I love it.

MK bag Mk bag2

So why do I want this one? Well firstly, I NEED a brown bag! I want one that you can wear cross-body as it’s handy for carrying when out and about (and safer should anyone try to grab your bag, always be wary of that) and I also want to ensure none of my bits fall out  – I have a few bags with a single magnetic clasp fastening and when the bags is thrown around, I am usually picking up stuff from the floor of the car, or I am on my knees looking for my ‘favourite’ lippy which has rolled out.  So I need something that is closed over fully so nothing can escape.

So with those points in mind, I found the following…of course they are never going to be identical but I am focusing on the above needs!


Carvela bag from Debenhams


Reduced from €50 to €30



From Warehouse





Wallis – €40 with 20% off, now €32

Now which one to buy?

Have a great Sunday

Love,  T xheart

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