Pale as a ghost…I don’t think so! ðŸ‘»ðŸŽƒ

Hi ladies,

Thank god it’s a short one this week…4 days woohoo! I’m sure some of you are busy keeping the little ones entertained on mid-term break – I hope you’re having fun and getting all set for Halloween.

So, you may have seen recently over on snap-chat that I broke my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact Bronzer *very sad face. I absolutely love this bronzer and it’s one of the ‘good’ items in my make-up bag that I splurged on and I don’t regret it one bit (€42.50) Darn those bathroom tiles…thankfully it just fell and cracked in the compact and it didn’t go all over the floor.


I read somewhere that you can put broken powder compacts such as blusher, bronzer and eye-shadows back together with ‘rubbing alcohol’ (whatever the hell that is?) There’s only one kinda alcohol I know and it just goes straight into a glass with ice and a slice! So I decided to look online and found a few variations on how to fix the problem, but in the end I made my own concoction of a few suggested ideas and I’m delighted to say it worked! Here’s what I did…


  1. I crushed the broken bronzer bits into smaller pieces with the back of a teaspoon in the compact.
  2. Then I mixed in a very small drop of surgical spirits into the broken bits to create a paste.
  3. Next I got a baby wipe (another use for my trusty baby wipes!) and put it across the paste and pressed down to firm the paste right into the compact.
  4. Once that was done I left the bronzer compact in the fridge over night and tad dah…the next morning it was set!


OK, so it doesn’t look as pretty as it was originally but it still does the same job and I’m just delighted that I don’t have to fork out for a new one – happy days!


Well I’m as pale as a ghost right now as I’m up since 6am and no amount of bronzer will help tonight, so I’m getting into the pjs for a catch-up of this evenings Xpose and then it’s lights out!

Nitey nite & Happy Halloween!

Love, T x 💖

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