Fashionably beating the bloat!


Over indulged over Christmas…haven’t we all?Ah sure it’s the time of year for it and I just love it. Food, wine, more food and more wine and the jeans atin’ into you!!😂

Here’s a few tips to help hide the turkey and it doesn’t involve dieting!

– Avoid skinny jeans…it’s bad enough you feel bloated but trying to squeeze yourself into tight jeans will only depress you more! Now that’s not a carte blanche to reach for those dreaded leggings – step away from the leggings ladies!!  A nice high waisted skirt with control tights will make you feel 100 times better!

– Blarfs (blanket scarves) are an amazing way to wrap up! While keeping you warm they’re  also great for hiding those few extra pounds, and they’re so on trend right now too. Wrap one around you and leave people guessing!

– Distract from the area of concern – so if it’s a muffin top, wear an over-sized knit jumper.

– Wear something bright…it’ll make you feel much better – a colourful scarf or even just a red lippy will distract you and others from any excess flesh!

– If you want to cover up in black go for it! (Personally I adore black at any time) but add an accessory like a bag, hat or scarf – another great distraction!

– Heels…my old reliable! 👠 Heels elevate the body. You will feel taller and look leaner.

It’s ok to indulge…it’s the time of year! Going for a short walk, drinking lemon water and having an epsom salt bath will also help banish the Christmas bulge.

So that’s it for 2015. Wishing you all love, laughter and happiness for 2016. Cheers ladies 🍸- any excuse for another tipple! *as she reaches for the spanx!!

Love, T x 💖


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