3 Problems. 3 Solutions.

Hello ladies,

Isn’t there always a drama when it comes to our make up bags?…nail polish bottles won’t open, our favourite mascara has dried out, or worse still, your best lippy has broken (cue total melt-down when this happens to me!)

Well I have a few solutions to these problems if the budget/time doesn’t allow running off to the nearest shop to buy replacements – I have tried them all and they do work!

If the top of your nail polish won’t open, dip only the handle in a cup of warm water to loosen it. Make sure not to put the whole bottle in the warm water, however, since warm temperatures can alter the colour and consistency of your nail polishes.

Nail polish

Soak your mascara in a cup of warm water when you’re running low to loosen the product along the sides of the tube. Just remember to throw it out when it’s past it’s prime (aka the three-month mark…ahem, I have been known to keep mine waaaay longer!)


Fix a broken lipstick by melting it back together with a lighter. Hold the flame close enough to melt the broken edges of the stick (the bottom of the top piece and the top of the bottom piece) without burning them, press the pieces together, and smooth the seam with your finger before it dries. Then I would suggest popping it in the fridge overnight just to ensure it fully sets…and while you are in the fridge pour yourself that well-deserved glass of wine to celebrate bringing your lippy back to life!


So no more tears and tantrums (or does that just go on in my house?)  – 3 problems solved!

Enjoy your Saturday night!

Tanya 💖 x

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