Communion & Confirmation Cat-walk

Hello there ladies,

It’s that time of the year when I hear my ‘mum friends’ chatting about the confirmation and communion outfit. Of course, and without a doubt, the most important person of the day is the child but I do believe both of these occasions are ‘high style’ events for the mums too. I haven’t been to either occasion since my sister’s confirmation and that’s not today or yesterday, but I have seen the stylish outfits purchased by my friends over the past few years and I’d say the church is like a run-way on Paris fashion week with alot more looking than praying going on!

Before I wrote this blog I had a long chat with one of my best friends who is a mum of 3 and she said to  adopt a ’less is more’ approach. With that in mind I would advise to  be careful with necklines, hemlines and not to go for anything strapless. As we approach the Spring season (who would’ve thought looking out at today’s weather) try to inject a pop of colour into your outfit.  Of course if you are looking for something slimming, a simple black dress is perfect and you can add colour or texture with your accessories – a statement chain, a colourful bag or pretty heels can change up your complete look.

Going overboard on such occasions rarely comes with a life raft but does come with guaranteed camera flashes. Those photos are forever so why take the risk!


Here’s a few I spotted…and I will be posting more throughout the week so keep an eye on my facebook page and as always if you have any questions or need some help, just ask!

T x


Inject a pop of colour


Remember this model is tall so this won’t be the length on you unless you are a model!


A nautical look



My outfit of choice always – the jumpsuit!


A flattering fit


Also in navy/red with side-split sleeves


A leather-look skirt for the fashion-forward mums!

Bigger midi

A few bright alternatives!




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