Pucker up ladies!

Hi there ladies,

It’s Thursday so that means it’s nearly the weekend so gimme a whoop, whoop!

I don’t know about ye but all this wind and rain plays havoc with my lips – they are constantly chapped and I am forever slathering on my favourite lip balm (Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream) during the day.

If you follow me over on snap-chat you will have seen that I  was trying out the Forever Living Aloe Fleur de Jouvence face-mask last night. I am currently reviewing their skincare products and if that one is anything to go by, I am well impressed already! I’ll write a full blog post once I have tried everything out.

Anyway, as usual I’m side-tracking …so back to the point! While I was applying the mask I was looking at my poor lips and how I should look after them too so I decided to exfoliate them. If you exfoliate your lips you will prevent chapped lips, make them soft and smooth and your lip colour will last longer (as in your lippy or gloss).  Of course I had no fancy lip-exfoliant in the bathroom so I made one out of the ingredients in my kitchen!


This is what I used:

1 tsp of brown sugar (white is also perfect if you don’t have brown)

1 tsp of honey

1 tsp of olive oil

I just mixed all of the ingredients in a small bowl until it was a thick consistency and applied it on my lips. Then I gently rubbed the scrub on my lips with my finger tips. And then just rinsed it off with warm water and applied my lip balm to lock moisture…just apply your favourite balm or vaseline. I actually made a bigger batch and just popped some in an airtight container. Just stir it up a bit the next time you want to use it and use it within a month.

Sometimes if I am in a rush I use an old toothbrush, put some vaseline on my lips and move the toothbrush around in circular motions, removing the dead skin! Once done, again apply a lip balm.

So now women, I will have you puckering up with sexy super-smooth lips for the old Valentines smooch! #Kissslowly


Have a lovely evening – I am off to The Galway Hospitality Ball tonight so I’ll be back tomorrow looking for tips from you guys to combat fatigue and dark circles!

Chat ye over the weekend.

Tanya x






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