A bit of DIY, Kim Kardashian style!

Hello there and I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Isn’t it nice to see a bit of sunshine today for a change?

I can’t say I am a fan of the Kardashians but I can’t say I’m not either.  Whether you are or not, there’s no denying they are a global brand at this stage and they are all over the internet…I guess that’s where they started out, right Kim??! haha

Anyway, one such recent post which caught my eye was Kim’s trick to hold up those boobs of hers in her backless and slashed to the waist dresses – seriously I think her boobs defy gravity! She is not a small breasted lady by any means and I did always wonder how they ‘stayed up’! I know there is definitely a bit of surgical assistance too but her trick is gaffer/duct tape!! Who would’ve guessed?


Backless items of clothing  have always been dramatic for me. I keep buying them for events as I usually love the style of the particular item of clothing and then I end up struggling with the bra situation. I am no Pamela Anderson but I do have boobs! I’ve bought everything…the stick-on cups, ‘tit-tape’, a silicone sticky backless bra for €70 that keeps falling off and many other cheaper versions too. Some of my friends work in hospitals and have kindly ‘loaned’ me some of the medical tape for bandaging injuries, which I tried to use to stick my bras to my skin. Anyway, the long and short of it is that nothing has worked! So I thought I’d give Kim’s gaffer tape a go.

Last Saturday night I was heading out with my friends at home in Meath and I wanted to wear my backless Warehouse jumpsuit which I wore to Pippa’s fashion factory. I just love it but couldn’t be dealing with the drama I had the morning of Pippa’s event. The silicone bra wouldn’t stick to my skin and my husband was doubled over laughing while trying to tape the bra on to me with surgical tape. Of course I didn’t find it funny and after a tantrum and a few tears, I just went bra-less to meet Pippa! Sorry about that Pippa!

Anyway, when I went home  last weekend  I popped over to Enfield Hardware on Saturday afternoon for the tape (too embarrassed to ask anyone at home to borrow some!). 20 questions later in the hardware (what did I need it for? what width did I want etc.) I finally left with my roll of ‘mammoth’ tape for €7.50, the cheapest bra I’ve ever bought! I didn’t really care that it was silver, as my jumpsuit had a high round neck at the front, so it wouldn’t be seen.

image image

I got back to my sister’s house and we got ready and we ended up having to tell my sister’s fiancé Ken about the tape situation as we couldn’t get it open (you know it might break our nails to pick at it!!) Needless to say he thought I was mad but kindly cut the tape into strips for me as it was difficult to get the first piece off.

So I taped them up just like Kim, my sister gave me the nod of approval and off I went! I swear to god they NEVER moved all night. I had read it might be painful to remove the tape but even with a few G&Ts on board I honestly never felt a thing! It was just like removing a plaster. The next day the only noticeable evidence that the tape had been there was the white marks left on my skin where the tape removed my fake tan. Sorry now but I had no intention of sharing my taped up boobs photo like Kim, so this is as close as it gets.


I was chatting with my sister Lorraine and Ken the following morning, and he suggested the next time I should use kinesiology tape…he is super-fit and knows all about these things. I had never heard of it before, but apparently athletes use it to support muscles – it’s a stretchy fabric material and can be bought in flesh colour too.  Well now Ken you are a wealth of information. And low and behold if he didn’t text me yesterday to say it can be bought in Lidl this week! I know where I’ll be going over the weekend. I have a wedding this day 2 weeks and there is more taping involved so I’ll let you know how I get on with the kinesiology tape after that.


The ‘used morning-after’ tape!

So now ladies if you meet me in B&Q anytime soon, you know why I am there.  I don’t think I will be going in too soon though for more of this tape –  I could tape up all the boobs of Athlone with this massive roll!

Chat soon, have a lovely evening.

T x




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