Hair-care & Customer-care on point!


Hi there and happy St. Patrick’s Day – I hope you all had a lovely day x

I just wanted to write a quick blog-post this evening about my favourite beauty treat: my blow-dry!

Genuinely, I have hair like wire…it’s dry, frizzy and unruly.  It used to be curly and now it’s just a ball of fuzz which I must tame every single day with a GHD – I know it’s not good for my hair but I really have no choice! Between rain and humidity (mostly rain!) I always have hats or umbrellas in my bag – if you want to read about my ‘Wild Atlantic Wayward Hair’ you can read about it here on one of my first ever blog-posts.

Anyway, I started working in Galway 18 months ago and while I have my favourite hairdressers here in Athlone (you know who you are ladies and one gent!) I knew I needed to find a salon in Galway too as I have alot  of work events to attend. I can just about manage my make-up and clothes but my hair…well that’s a whole different story!

image image

Visage Hair Salon on Market Street was recommended to me which I thought would be super as it was so close to my workplace and the car-park (very important when you need to dash in the rain!). On my first visit I met Carmel, the lovely receptionist who I had worked with previously (I had a beauty salon in Koztellos in Athlone and she worked in the hair salon…small world or what?!). And, I have to say from that day to this, it has been my ‘go-to salon’ nearly every week without fail!


In most salons I go to I tend to stick to one stylist as they ‘get to know’ my hair and it’s crazy frizziness and my lovely cow’s lick at the front that just takes on a life of it’s own. I know it’s not always possible with the shifts stylists work, days off etc. to always stick to one person though. Emer was the first stylist to blow-dry my hair here and I knew straight away I would be happy – I know from the minute a stylist picks up the brush and pulls my hair if it’s gonna be  a good blow dry. I don’t like the limp, lame gentle brush strokes  – I  always know when they  ‘give it a good pull’ that it will be sleek and frizz free! No surprise that all the girls in the salon have toned arms after me! And when I refer to pulling my hair I don’t mean in a painful way!

I have been to every stylist in Visage from the most junior to senior and I can honestly say I’ve never, ever had a bad blow-dry there. They also encouraged me to get  balayage recently – my hair was just soo boring as my normal, natural dark brown for ages and I have to say Iove it now. Majella, the owner really  invests in the stylists too  – she was telling me recently herself and Emer were in Vidal Sassoon in London on a week long training course and Niamh & Catriona are going next month. These girls are keeping up to speed on all the latest hair trends and that’s for sure!

What prompted me though to write this post was something that happened last Saturday which was just absolutely outstanding customer care in my eyes. I had told the girls in Visage about my blogging event, Galway Fashion Trail and how it was starting at 9 am. I contemplated getting my hair blow-dried on Friday evening but they offered to open the salon for me at 8.30am and Aoife, one of the stylists was going to come in early to blow dry my hair. How super was that? But it gets better…while I was at home Friday night, Carmel the receptionist sent me a message to say she would come in at 8.20am herself to wash my hair so I would be ready even earlier. I have to say I was absolutely gobsmacked by her thoughtfulness. It’s sometimes the smallest gesture that means so much and I really was impressed. I arrived on the Saturday half ready for my event into the salon and the girls practically helped me get dressed and took photos for me too.

I can honestly say that these girls are just one in a million – hair care and customer care at it’s absolute best! Well done to Majella and all the girls. Oh and did I mention how super stylish the salon is too? It’s just gorgeous!


Tastefully decorated for St. Patricks Day

If you live in Galway or are visiting, I would highly recommend Visage Hair Salon.

Here’s a few details about the salon:

They are stockists of GHD and Kerastase products and currently have 20% off all Kerastase products. If you buy a GHD styler, you will receive a complimentary gift set of a GHD paddle brush and heat protector spray.


My shampoo of choice – love it!



image image

They offer great deals too:

Mon – Thurs : Blow-dry short-medium €18, Curly blow-dry or long hair blow-dry €20

Student rates, Mon-Thurs: Wash, cut and blow-dry €35, full head of hi-lights and cut €85

So that’s it ladies…it’s so nice to be treated well. It really does make a lasting impression if you receive excellent customer care, so whatever field of work are in maybe just go that little bit extra for someone. Honestly it’s the little things you will always remember.

Chat to you again soon.

Tanya x

Disclaimer: The above opinions are my own and I was not asked to write a review. I genuinely think Visage salon deserve the mention on my little blog.





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