Happy Little Piggies!

Hello there ladies

I hope your week is going well…

I’m having a bit of a mad one and I am literally running around like a crazy woman…in heels, I’d like to add!

Being the short-ass I am, I do wear heels every day. But on saying that I love nothing more than kicking them off the minute I come in the door in the evening, jumping into the shower and then walking around bare-foot for the rest of the evening. And as I mentioned before the colder the tiles on the floor, the better! Sometimes I soak my feet in a basin of warm water with some peppermint foot-soak or peppermint oil (see pic). Oh, and there are no ‘feet healing’ benefits in the wine but while one is relaxing, one should treat oneself!


For long days in heels (say like a wedding) I would always suggest you wear your heels in advance especially if they are new shoes to break them in – nothing worse than hobbling around like a new born calf on the day of a wedding…not a good look for guests, and worse if you are the bride!

Never, ever take off your shoes during the meal of a wedding – I learned that the hard and painful way at my brother’s wedding. I thought my feet would have a nice little break under the table during the meal but eh, no…your feet will expand and then you have to put them back into the shoes, and this is torture!  Of course I stuffed my feet back into 5 inch heels and after a few hours of dancing they actually bled! Thank god for the old G&T – it must have acted like an anaesthetic! I have great memories of that wedding despite the ‘feet drama’ and I literally have the scars to prove it!

Speaking of anaesthetics…when I am going to an event now where I know I will be a while in heels, I pop on some topical numbing gel like difene or nurofen gel – we all have some in the back of a first-aid kit when we were prescribed it for an injury. So my tip is to slather this all over the soles of your feet before you head off and it will numb the pain. Ensure you let it dry before putting your feet in the shoes, and be careful not to mess up the tan if you are wearing instant tan.


Also, another trick is to use medical tape around your toes. If you tape your 3rd and 4th toes together this will alleviate the pressure on the ball of your foot when wearing heels. I read this years ago and I’m not sure why it’s those two toes, but  I’ve done it, and it works!

Also while I’m on the subject of heels I  recently purchased new shoes and much to my dismay they were too big – I have size 2/2.5 feet so it’s a disaster getting shoes to fit.  I usually buy a full insole or a gel insole when I buy size 3 shoes. I find with the full insole my shoes end up pinching my feet, and with the  gel insoles (the little half ones – the ‘party feet’ type) they seem to come out the side of my shoe. (So  there I am running along and my gel insole is hanging out the side of my shoe – the state of me sometimes haha). Anyway, recently I bought these fab size 3 shoes in River Island – I thought I’d never get them and they were reduced from €87 to €30 in the sale. Bargain! Sadly they were too big and after saying I was returning them I was contacted by two lovely ladies from Paul Byron Shoes in Athlone through snap-chat who suggested I buy half insoles. So in I went immediately and bought them – €2! The biz. Now unfortunately these particular shoes were still too big and ten pairs of insoles wouldn’t have worked but I am using them in all my other shoes and they are just brilliant. Thanks ladies…I’ll be in for more soon.


€2 half insoles in Paul Byron Shoes, Athlone – the biz! Thanks ladies x



Awh they were sadly returned…


So there you go –  a few of my little tips and tricks for looking after your piggies!

Later heelaholics.

T x

feet image

3 thoughts on “Happy Little Piggies!

  1. meinheels says:

    Taping toes works because it brings the balance towards the centre of the body. Its to do with the way your ligaments are are arranged in your foot. Also alcohol (and many other diuretics) makes the small blood vessels near the skin open up, which effectively makes feet swell.


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