Is there love in the air? Yes, it’s the smell of nail polish!

Hi ladies ,

I hope everyone enjoyed the fab sunshine and was lashing on the sun cream too…long may it last!  I was going to post this last night but thought too many of you would be out on the town or having BBQs – literally everyone I know was going somewhere so I thought it might be better to have some hangover reading for ye today!! I don’t have a hangover (*smug smile) as I was Cinderella last night but I did have one of those new Solero mojito ice-pops…oh my god deeeelish and no hangover after one haha!

If you follow me on snap-chat you will see me snapping my nails every month. There are two beauty treats I love in life; one being a blow-dry and the other is getting my nails done.

I have been a customer of Bagira Nail Bar since it opened back in August 2008. Even when I lived in Galway last year I still made my monthly visit to the salon as I was usually heading home to Meath, or up visiting friends in Athlone so it was easy to work my appointments around around my road-trips.


On my last visit I noticed they had expanded into another room within the building and I was chatting to Julija the owner about the success of her business and how it has grown over the years. She told me it wasn’t always like that, and when she opened first in August 2008 she actually used to have a snooze in the pedicure chair while waiting for the phone to ring or someone to walk in. As any new business owner will tell you the first year is pretty tough as you have to build your client base and then hope for repeat business. Julija was new to the area too at this time so this was challenging in itself and it included moving her family to Athlone and settling into a new town.


Before…needing refills.



But she faced the challenge head on and now Bagira is open  5 days per week, Tuesday to Saturday and she has 4 staff working there!

They offer shellac, gel nails, acrylic nails, pedicures, manicures, file and polish and they have 2 amazing spa pedicure chairs which massage your back and neck, so you can sit back and read a magazine while your piggies are being pampered.

In the beginning I used to get gel tips (to add length to my nails) but now that my own nails have grown I just get gel over-lays (which is gel over my own nail) with a shellac top coat. For years I only got the French polish finish (boring me!) but now I’m a bit more adventurous! The girls there also do fabulous nail-art but I guess I just keep them plain for my job and usually just go for one colour. I have seen the nail-art on others and it’s amazing.

Julija has been very fortunate to grow her business by word of mouth. I certainly know I get lots of compliments on my nails, as do many other customers who go there so I guess we are all walking advertisements of her salon’s excellent work.

Unfortunately, years ago I damaged my large toenail when I was dancing at a wedding. I literally got stamped on and my toenail broke in half…yes, it was sore at the time but I danced through the pain! I went to a podiatrist a couple of years later to see if it would ever grow back but as the nail bed was damaged he advised me it would never grow back fully. So I am now just left with a small stub of toenail (the state of it!). Anyway you will never see it!! Julija builds up an acrylic nail for me every few months and it looks perfectly normal  – well as normal as my horrible feet look! Then she pops shellac polish on my toe-nails. I have to say for this nail-fix I am eternally grateful. I can see myself in my 80’s sitting over in her pedi chair getting my acrylic toenail done! I’m not sure she will appreciate my mangled toes at that age though! haha.

So why do I go there all the time? Well firstly my nails always look brilliant as Julija is such a perfectionist and she knows the shape, length, colours etc. I like (they have soooo many colours). The client care is amazing. My acrylic toe-nail broke off just after my wedding and she opened the salon on the Monday night before we headed to the airport to go on honeymoon so I wouldn’t have a gammy looking toe in flip-flops! Now that was superb customer care, and an outstanding example of the service they provide. Each and every one of the nail technicians/therapists who work there are super-friendly, yet professional (I know I am just mentioning Julija but I have always been her client since day one, but on occasion when she is on holidays I have been to the other girls and I would have no hesitation recommending them too as they are equally as brilliant). I love having the chat with Julija too – we yap away throughout the treatment and the time flies by.


Not only do they offer nail treatments,  they also offer a full range of beauty services – waxing, facials, massage, lash and brow treatments and they also have a sun-bed. I haven’t availed of any of the beauty treatments as I do most of my own bits and bobs or my sister does them for me as she is also a qualified beautician. She loves when I visit as I have a list for her!! But I know in Bagira salon they are very busy too with beauty treatments as I see the clients coming and going for their their appointments. And they are also expanding further and offering some new services soon, so watch this space and I’ll keep you posted.

The other great benefit of this salon is the location and you can avail of free car-parking as they are located in Monksland (close by Super Valu and The Athlone Springs Hotel) so you can pick up your shopping or pop into the Athlone Springs for lunch/coffee, or if you are like me you can run into Roma for the nicest bag of chips if you have a late appointment!

So if you want to get your nails done for holidays, for the Summer, for an occasion or just a treat, I would highly, highly recommend Bagira salon…but I would also advise booking well in advance as they are extremely busy.

Follow them on or you will find them at Suite 1aA, Block C, Gateway Tuam Rd, Monksland, Athlone. Phone: 085-1383012

I hope the sun comes back to see us later…but while it’s hiding I’m going to hit the road to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre for a little look!

Chat soon and have a great week.

Tanya x

Note: I offered to write this blog-post for Bagira Nail Salon – I wasn’t paid or given a treatment. I genuinely believe these girls do a great job and as I am a regular customer for the last 8 years I wanted to give them a shout out on my blog!

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