Beauty begins on the inside!

bodyHey there ladies,

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster of events with me recently between having a trapped nerve in my shoulder and then falling down the stairs nearly 4 weeks ago and breaking a rib. My body is slowly coming back together but at a snail’s pace and I have myself wrapped in cotton wool these days (a suit of armour might be more appropriate though!).

So when I was invited by Fiona Conlon Nally to try out reflexololgy at Therapeutic Treats in Mullingar recently it actually couldn’t have come at a better time.  I love any type of pamper treatment but I had never tried reflexology before I so really didn’t know what to expect. I was delighted to accept the treatment considering my body was crying out for a bit of TLC.

Fiona Conlon Nally is the owner of the business and is a certified reflexologist, massage therapist and reiki practitioner which are holistic therapies that balance the body, mind and soul.  Therapeutic Treats suites are located over Whelehans Pharmacy on Pearse Street in Mullingar (a fab chemist too which I had a good

root around before I left!). From the moment I arrived  there was a sense of relaxation in the room as aromatherapy candles burned and soft music played…I would’ve happily popped up on the bed and had a snooze without any treatment.


I asked Fiona to explain what reflexology was and how it would benefit me and my body. She explained in simple terms that we all have reflex points in our feet, face, hands and ears which correspond to organs, glands and tissues in our body. When these reflex points are stimulated (mostly on your feet) it improves circulation and removes waste and toxins from the body. Fiona believes that you have physical and emotional energy lines from  your feet which help parts of your body and brain, and when you clear these energy lines it aids you, both physically and emotionally. Lots of people end up quite emotional and teary after the treatment as they are so relaxed as their body releases stress they may have been holding onto. Surprisingly though I didn’t cry (I am no tough cookie by any means and I actually thought I’d be bawling as I cry at the stupidest of things…soaps on tv,  old couples holding hands, every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy ever!..such a wuss!) To be honest, I was just raging it was over as I enjoyed it so much.

So basically Fiona worked on both of my feet,  gently massaging different areas of my foot and toes (it wasn’t tickly or it wasn’t painful, it was just so soothing). Then she applied an oil at the end and gave my feet another gentle massage. For me this was sheer bliss – I just lay back and wandered into dreamy land.

She was able to tell at the end of the treatment that my broken rib was on the left side of my body and she worked on the area of my foot which related to my left side alot. She advised by doing this she would not heal the rib (which was a pity!) but it would help relax the body in that area. Overall she found no problems with me only a little bit of tension on my shoulders (which I do suffer from  –  driving alot and slouching over keyboards and a phone will do that to you!). She also said she usually finds that most people have issues with their throat/tonsils whether it’s from tiredness, hoarseness etc. but she could find nothing wrong with my tonsils. It was then I told her I had no tonsils so she would be a long time looking for a problem with them!! I was very impressed by this! Overall she thought I was in good order considering the tumbles and recent aches and pains!

The reflexology session lasted 50 mins and I was advised to drink lots of water to rehydrate and relax for the remainder of the day to gain the full benefits .


My bed for 50 mins – sorry the image is so dark but it was dimly lit for the purpose of relaxation.

Fiona also holds Mother & Baby reflexology group classes which help mothers bond with their babies (for example premature babies which may not have bonded early or babies born by c-section).  She also performs reflexology on babies who may be suffering from colic, reflux, constipation or severe teething. I was absolutely amazed at this and I asked her if the babies enjoyed it. She said they loved it as most babies love someone touching their feet and alot of them just fell asleep. One mother told her afterward a session that her baby had cut it’s first tooth without any tears or pain after a course of reflexology, so this is something you mums might like to consider for your baby. And if you would like to train in holistic therapy yourself such as massage or reflexology Fiona also carries out certified training courses.


Fiona Conlon Nally

So did I enjoy it? Yes. Would I go again? For sure. I guess we are all caught up with looking good on the outside but your physical health is not going to look well if your body and mental health is not balanced. I suppose I never really thought about it too much until I landed literally on my ass at the bottom of the stairs a few weeks ago. We are all rushing along in life; we start in the morning at A and get to Z as quick as we can bull-dozing through the day to tick the boxes; whether it’s getting to work on time, getting the kids to school, organising the dinner, picking up the kids from football we are all under pressure to get to the next place and we never really stop. 50 minutes of reflexology costs €40 and is so worth every minute and every euro. We buy creams and make-up  to put on our stressed heads (paying alot more  sometimes),  but no make-up or cream will work if our inner self is not in good health.  It’s true that you must glow from the inside.

But if you don’t have €40 to spare that’s ok because the fabulous Fiona has kindly offered a reflexology treatment to one of my lovely followers. All you have to do is pop over and like her facebook page – click here: Therapeutic Treats Holistic Therapies and leave a comment on her page with  your name or the name of a deserving friend and a winner will be chosen after the weekend.

For further details or to book a treatment you can contact Fiona.

Ph: 086-0780566


Facebook: Therapeutic Treats Holistic Therapies 

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