Spot the Dot!

Hi everyone,

Another week done and dusted and now we’re into September – gosh, dare I say it but it’ll be Christmas soon! Blog-posts have been a bit less frequent recently as I started a new job so it’s all go, but I do hope to get back into regular blogging in the next few weeks. In the meantime I hope you have been enjoying my ‘fash-dash’ photos that I post frequently on facebook and snap-chat. I’ll always allow a bit of time each week to run into the shops…you know, incase I miss anything!!

If you were following me over on snap-chat you will have seen I received a bespoke necklace from Stella & Dot recently. Some of you may know that I used to be a stylist for Stella & Dot but due to work commitments and the blog, unfortunately time doesn’t allow me to do everything. However, I am still a huge fan and most of the jewellery I wear day-to-day is all Stella & Dot. Carmel Finn is always my ‘go to’ stylist now when I want to make a purchase – she is one of Ireland’s top Stella & Dot stylists and is based in the midlands.


Some of my favourite Stella & Dot pieces

The bespoke range was just recently launched and I have to say the minute I spied the pieces I absolutely loved them. I saw Glenda and the girls on Xposé wearing different chains, and Rosanna Davison, Pippa O’Connor and Kathryn Thomas are others who I have also spotted (excuse the pun!) wearing the Stella & Dot bespoke range. Sure I am easily influenced!


In the bespoke range you will find necklaces, bracelets, rings and even cuff-links which can be engraved with letters and numbers depending on the piece you choose. There’s also various font types which makes them very unique to the individual. You can engrave your own initials, initials of a loved one, a child or a memorable date…there are so many options depending on the piece you choose.

My stunning necklace is the silver bespoke disc necklace, which is sterling silver. It’s was engraved with my initial ‘T’ for Tanya, ‘C’ for Colin (my hubby, or as he likes say, ‘the better half’, I’ll argue that!) and ‘H’ for our surname, and I absolutely adore it. You can wear it on it’s own or layered.


Stella & Dot have also started retailing watches since I was a stylist and I have to say one of my favourites is this leopard print one. Wouldn’t it make a lovely Christmas gift?…just sayin’. You can check it out here.

stella watch


Stella & Dot products can only be purchased online from a stylist, or you can host a ‘Trunk Show’ which is basically a jewellery party with the girls (wine and prosecco are also welcome!). I hosted so many trunk shows when I was a stylist and I loved doing them as they were really just a gathering of all the girls trying on jewellery and having a great evening of fun. The best part is the host of the party receives free jewellery so it’s a win-win for everyone. I recall one night last Christmas I was at home and 7 girls in our local pub were wearing the ‘blessed’ bangle –  and 4 of those girls had received them free from hosting parties. Any excuse ladies to hold a porrrtay! Stella & Dot jewellery is delivered very efficiently to your home by courier and who would’t want to see these pretty parcels landing on your door-step. They make a perfect gift too.


If you fancy booking Carmel for a party or if you want to purchase directly from the website it’s or just click here. You can also follow Carmel on social media.

Facebook:  facebook @stylistcarmelfinn

Instagram:  carmelfinn_sdstylist

And Carmel just told me to let you know that she is kindly offering prosecco for any party booked in September – how nice is that? I have her booked for a party before Christmas and I’m already making my list. Well I have been a very good girl this year!!!

Chat you all soon and enjoy the Stella Shopping.

Tanya x


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