What’s your address?

Yesterday I sat down and wrote Christmas cards to my friends and family and I spent half the night texting people for their addresses….some friend I am! Some of my friends have moved house recently, others have purchased new houses and some have emigrated. While I was writing the cards I was thinking about how lucky I am and the ‘card recipients’ are to have a house, a home…an address.

Tomorrow night I am fortunate enough to be able to go to Dublin to see a band I love called ‘Ham SandwicH’ in Dublin and see the sparkly Christmas lights, which is something I have always loved since we were brought to see by my parents as kids.

I am saddened though to think that there are a large amount of people in Dublin and in other cities and towns in our little country who will see the Christmas lights every single night these next few weeks, and on other nights they will see the moon and the stars…these are the people who sleep under them. These are Ireland’s homeless.

Women, men and children have no home. They have a cardboard box and maybe a blanket, if they are lucky. It is Winter and there is a storm coming.  They are cold and they are hungry. They are lonely too. They are on the streets because our Government doesn’t care.

I know tomorrow night as myself and Colin walk to the gig we will pass so many homeless people. We can’t change this, but we can do something small to help.

We decided that we will give all the homeless we pass a ham sandwich…it’s not world changing but it’s something small we can do as we walk the streets of Dublin. There are so many others doing so much more for the homeless but if each of us do one little thing we can make a small changes.  If there is anything you can do this Christmas, please do.

God forbid, some day it could be one of us who needs help.

Tanya x






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