Laser Hair Removal or Beast from the East…your choice!

Hello all, from a chilly Athlone!

Oddly enough writing a blog post about laser hair removal might not seem appropriate at this moment in time as we wrap ourselves in layers of clothes to retain some heat. Mind you, unless you want to turn into a beast from the east it’s advisable to get rid of unwanted hair no matter how cold we feel!

Now is the time  ladies to start the process as we hopefully head towards warmer months and holiday time! I I have to say laser hair removal has been on of the best decisions I made late last year. You see, when you are dark-haired like me it’s just such a chore having to shave all the time. Not just that, but the dark hairs grow back coarse too which is never a good look (and definitely not a good feel!! Lol). In the past I could shave my legs in the morning and have re-growth in the afternoon and that is fact. I am always so jealous of my friends with their light downy hairs telling me they haven’t shaved in 3 months. Oh my god, I’d be put in the zoo if I left mine for that length of time! I have gone for waxing too but I just can’t cope with the time between waxing when you can’t shave and you have to let it grow to be waxed. I could never seem to time my wax appointments around occasions where I needed my legs out and just ended up reaching for a razor.

Therapie Clinic was the handiest option for me (right beside the entrance to Athlone Towncentre). It has gained great reputation locally and nationally for the services they provide. I must say when I went in initially I was nervous enough and had a million questions ready to ask, the most worrying one of all was, ‘ Will it hurt?’.  I have to say though I didn’t have to ask one question as my consultation covered all the questions I had, and more. The girls working there are so well trained and are constantly up-skilling plus they are fortunate to have top of the range laser machines. Not alone are they highly skilled and professional, they are some of the nicest therapists I have ever met. You do spend alot of time with the therapists depending on the areas you are getting lasered but I must admit the time flies. The girls are so chatty and you know they love what they do as they speak passionately about their job and about working in Therapie.

I am getting full leg, bikini, under-arm and lip laser hair removal. The under-arm, lip and bikini areas take no time at all as they are such small areas. If I were to describe how it feels I can only describe it as short ‘heat zaps’ on the skin nearly like an elastic band, and ‘hand on heart’, it’s not painful at all. And as for the legs, well the girls just fly through them. They section off each leg into areas with a white chalk-like marker and cover over any large freckles or moles, then place the specialised gel on the areas and lightly go over each area with the laser light machine. Again the legs are not painful. If I were to say anything about the experience, I would only say that the under-arm is probably the most sensitive area, but I guess our under-arms never feel direct heat at anytime.

Lovely white pastey legs!!


There is zero down-time and pure aloe gel is applied after the treatment. There may be a small bit of redness but nothing that doesn’t disappear within an hour or two. Of course you can’t have hot showers etc for 24 hours which is a normal, similar to waxing.

As I am half way through my treatments, I can honestly say I am very happy. I have noticed a significant decrease in hair growth. Even the hairs that do grow back are softer and less noticeable and the razor is just sitting in the bathroom gradually being made redundant! The great thing about laser hair removal is that you can shave in between treatments if there is hair growth and unlike waxing you must go in totally hair-free for your laser treatment session as they need to zap the root (you also need to go in tan-free and ensure you are not on any medication either).

I still have a few more treatments to get. The amount of treatments will depend on each person’s hair growth and then you only need a top up every 12-18 months again depending on hair growth.

The current offers that Therapie are advertising prompted me to write this post – they have a pre-Summer Sale which I think is great timing and the prices are amazing.

Give them a buzz or pop into Lisa or any of the fabulous girls in the clinic on Gleeson Street the next time you are in town.

Stay safe and warm over the next few days.

Tanya x


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