About Me

Carrie B

September 6th 2015.

It’s taken me months to pluck up the courage to create my own blog…gentle nudges and words of encouragement from family and friends and a good shove from the hubby finally made me take the plunge! I love to give out free advice (I never take my own!) and genuinely love helping others if I can with anything life throws at them. I named my blog  ‘My Little Love Stories’ for a few reasons – No.1, I am little,  No.2, I like telling stories and No.3, there are so many things I love in life I want to share with others.

So why now? And what do I know about blogging?

‘Why not now?’ is my answer, and as for blogging …well I can talk (alot) so I’m guessing blogging is just another way I can talk even more!

Anyone who knows me personally will know that I won’t leave the house without lippy, high-heels and an umbrella, I won’t leave the fridge without wine or cheese, and I won’t leave my friends to deal with any fashion dilemmas by themselves.  I am a self-confessed cosmetic and shoe junkie and my desert island must-have is a ghd…I know, I know there are no plug sockets on desert islands but this is my desert island! Outside of the day job, as the old cliché goes I have a ‘passion for fashion’! I love my heels (you would too if you were 5 foot nothing!) My feet are size 2.5 so I just buy any shoes that fit me (high ones of course!) hence the reason my spare room is stacked with boxes of shoes! I don’t really follow trends, I just try to keep it simple and stylish. As Coco Chanel said ‘fashion fades, only style remains the same’.

I am also a non-practicing qualified beauty therapist (I am still practicing on myself every single day!) If I had the money I would get my hair professionally blow-dried daily – this is one hour of my life I can never get back when I tackle my own mane!  I shop alot in my pjs, credit card in one hand and a glass of pinot grigio in the other (by the way I’m not roaming around shopping centres in this manner – this kind of retail therapy is restricted to the couch only!) I love all things ‘celebrity’ and feel so much closer to these people now that I am on snap-chat, instagram, facebook and twitter. My Friday nights are filled with marathon episodes of Xposé or Sex & the City (god, I miss that series)…ah shur it’s the little things in life that make me happy!

Professionally, I work in the hospitality industry and have done so for too many years to remember! I have worked for some of the most amazing hotels, restaurants and spas in the country and in my down-time I love nothing more than visiting as many as I can too. I have an hotel ‘bucket-list’ so watch this space as I plan to work my way through it and share my visits with you all.

So that’s me in a nut-shell. Enjoy my blog x

I’ll sign off with a few of my favourite quotes.

‘Life is short, your heels shouldn’t be’

‘Happy girls are the prettiest’

Love, Tanya 











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