Athlone Fashion Trail



Hello there,

It’s October…eek, where is the year going?

Mine kick-started with a fashion-filled day last Saturday, 1st October attending Athlone Fashion Trail– I am sure your heads were all melted as I snap-chatted my way around the town. My poor phone nearly burned out!

I was thrilled to be invited as a blogger on the first ever Athlone Fashion Trail with 24 other fabulous bloggers from Into the West Blogger Network. So firstly I want to say a huge thanks to the wonderful Sinéad & Saibh for inviting me and co-ordinating the day so seamlessly…I am certain this entails alot of preparation work in the week’s preceding such an event, but as I expected,  just like the Galway Fashion Trail it was superbly planned . The girls from Galway Now Magazine and Golden Egg did trojan work with all their planning  on the lead up to the day and on the day the day itself…well done to all you ladies (men too) –  you are really worked so hard to create such a fun day.

Of course, living in Athlone for so many years I am familiar with all the boutiques and shops which were on the trail but t it was extra special to be part of this group. It was a great opportunity for all of us to see the retailers showcasing their Autumn/Winter style through the fashion shows they presented. Each venue kindly offered discounts on the day and they spoiled us with sweet treats and prosecco along the way. They also bestowed us with generous gifts and vouchers too, so a huge thank you for these. It really was over and above any expectations we had.


All the bloggers met at Colm Quinn BMW Showrooms for 9.30am. I was in my element surrounded by shiny BMW’s but my heart lies with the little Minis…being a Mini driver myself (I’m on my 3rd Mini now) I loved looking at all the new models and of course the vintage ones too. I bought my current Mini from Colm Quinn’s and I have to say their customer service is second to none. Here we were treated to a fabulous breakfast and fuelled up with coffee and prosecco too….a few bubbles for breakfast is no harm now and again! The models from Catwalk Model Agency were made even more beautiful than they already are by the very talented Aileen Duffy Make Up Artist and their hairs were done by one of Athlone’s most well renowned hair-dresser Maeve O’Healy Harte. Then we were chauffeured into town in style by the guys at Colm Quinn…honestly, it was very glamorous altogether and I felt like an A-lister celeb – ‘A ‘being for Athlone!!!


First stop was Kadee Bridal Boutique on Pearse Street. I hadn’t visited their new stylish boutique but wow, it was absolutely stunning. For any bride-to-be I would highly recommend booking an appointment here. Dee and Kathleen are just so professional and stock some of the most stunning designs from Suzanne Neville, Temperley London and Martina Liana, but to name a few. Head-pieces and accessories were created by Laura Hanlon Designer who is a personal favourite of mine (she made my head-piece for the Galway races). She showed an amazing pearl head-piece which received many gasps when Katie from Catwalk Model agency sashayed out in it.

kadee-2 kadee-3 kadee

A quick totter over the Shannon bridge and we arrived at our next destination, Burgess Department Store. Now, as I am sure you all know Burgess is a well established department store styling the midlands since 1839. Another fashion show commenced here with some fabulous outfits, coats and menswear. I had a good browse in their Carl Scarpa section which had some beautiful bags and Winter boots and the lingerie department there stocks some great labels as well. We also returned to Burgess for the final fashion show of the day. It truly is a beautiful store with very friendly staff and stocks everything from stunning homeware to kiddie’s wear – everything under one roof, isn’t that what we all want?


Up from Burgess on Church Street  is Olivia Danielle boutique which is another well-known fashion mecca in the town. I am nearly always crashing the car when I am driving by looking at their window display. They house many Irish and International designers and they put on a truly glamorous fashion show with lots of glitz and sparkle. Here I fell in love with a hot pink coat which I was posting on my social media accounts during the week – it’s divine. Olivia Danielle’s also stock Freddy jeans which I didn’t realise; these promise a bum-lift to defy gravity – I can tell you now my ass needs a fork-lift sometimes so I will certainly put these to the challenge! Suzie Mahony also showed some of her amazing head-pieces and hats , and she was there herself too on the day offering style advice – she really is such a talented milliner and a lovely person.

od od2od3od4

Then off we went to be re-fuelled by The Fatted Calf restaurant. Honestly the food was the prettiest I’ve even seen. That didn’t stop me devouring it and they served THE most amazing salted caramel doughtnuts I had ever tasted. I inhaled one and I was too polite to take another, but the inner piggy inside me was dying for a second one! It really was such a delicious lunch.



Before and after lunch Athlone Town Centre showcased all the style from their various shops – this is a shopping centre I didn’t even know existed until last Saturday…ok, ok you know I am only joking!! Sure if I am not at home you will find me roaming around here! Even the other day when I got into my car, some maps thingy popped up on my phone saying ‘You are 5 minutes from Athlone Town Centre with no traffic’ – even the car and the phone are automated to go there. I think I need a therapist! Anyway, I spotted many pieces I wanted here (as usual!) but I particularly loved this Tommy Hilfiger jumper which Demelza was rocking…it’s part of the Gigi Hadid range and would match a multitude. Maybe I’ll get it for Christmas…just sayin’…like if anyone is stuck for ideas!


atc1 atc2

Then we hobbled down to Boutique Clodagh – well when I say hobbled, I mean I hobbled in my heels – most of the other sensible bloggers had shoes you could actually walk in but myself and the gorgeous Pam from Pams Live Love Fashion blog just stuck it out in the heels…such a little pair of rebels! (well actual eejits if you saw my feet the next days…oh lordy they weren’t well at all!) She was my fashion side-kick all day long, snapping and chatting away and running into shops for purchases when we got a gap!

Clodagh’s boutique is a fabulous shop with something to suit all ages. They had the prettiest scarves and coats and lots of casual pieces to mix and match.

bc bc2

Next it was back over town to Nell’s Closet – another one of my favourite window displays in Athlone. When I drive by here I always hope for a red traffic light so I can gaze in at their style. There were ooohs, aaaahs and squeals of delight out of everyone here as one outfit was nicer than the next! They also stock a huge selection of jewellery and handbags, so really it is a one-stop shop for style lovers…perfect for occasional wear. We also got to view pieces of contemporary jewellery from Celtic Roots,  by Irish artist Helen Conneely. These unique pieces are carved and sculpted from bogwood. So very unusual and eye-catching.

nells1 nell4

nell-10 nells-3

We ended the day with a wrap party at Radisson Blu Hotel….a hotel I am very familiar with as I worked there for 4 years. It was just gorgeous to sit in the Riverside Lounge and sip a cocktail while nibbling on the delicious finger food they had ready for us. We all sat over-looking the Shannon chatting about our great day. Of course I had one eye on the Mayo vs Dublin match too – that was the only disappointment of the day…Mayo’s defeat. I knew one sad husband would be returning from Croke Park that evening!


Having a bubbly breakfast with my fabulous friend Pam from Pams Live Love Fashion blog.

It’s was so great to be part of such a fun and fashionable day and I always meet so many bloggers from all over the country who I have been following already  – it’s  great to meet the face behind the blog. They were all so lovely and were absolutely blown away by the great style they saw in our little town of Athlone.

I have to say I was really proud to say on the day I was living in Athlone, and it pleased me even more to say that this lovely stylish town is where I now consider my home.

Enjoy your weekend my lovely fashionistas!

Tanya x


Oh yes they may have looked stylish on the day, but boy were my feet sore the next day! Epsom salts at the ready!!

Spot the Dot!

Hi everyone,

Another week done and dusted and now we’re into September – gosh, dare I say it but it’ll be Christmas soon! Blog-posts have been a bit less frequent recently as I started a new job so it’s all go, but I do hope to get back into regular blogging in the next few weeks. In the meantime I hope you have been enjoying my ‘fash-dash’ photos that I post frequently on facebook and snap-chat. I’ll always allow a bit of time each week to run into the shops…you know, incase I miss anything!!

If you were following me over on snap-chat you will have seen I received a bespoke necklace from Stella & Dot recently. Some of you may know that I used to be a stylist for Stella & Dot but due to work commitments and the blog, unfortunately time doesn’t allow me to do everything. However, I am still a huge fan and most of the jewellery I wear day-to-day is all Stella & Dot. Carmel Finn is always my ‘go to’ stylist now when I want to make a purchase – she is one of Ireland’s top Stella & Dot stylists and is based in the midlands.


Some of my favourite Stella & Dot pieces

The bespoke range was just recently launched and I have to say the minute I spied the pieces I absolutely loved them. I saw Glenda and the girls on Xposé wearing different chains, and Rosanna Davison, Pippa O’Connor and Kathryn Thomas are others who I have also spotted (excuse the pun!) wearing the Stella & Dot bespoke range. Sure I am easily influenced!


In the bespoke range you will find necklaces, bracelets, rings and even cuff-links which can be engraved with letters and numbers depending on the piece you choose. There’s also various font types which makes them very unique to the individual. You can engrave your own initials, initials of a loved one, a child or a memorable date…there are so many options depending on the piece you choose.

My stunning necklace is the silver bespoke disc necklace, which is sterling silver. It’s was engraved with my initial ‘T’ for Tanya, ‘C’ for Colin (my hubby, or as he likes say, ‘the better half’, I’ll argue that!) and ‘H’ for our surname, and I absolutely adore it. You can wear it on it’s own or layered.


Stella & Dot have also started retailing watches since I was a stylist and I have to say one of my favourites is this leopard print one. Wouldn’t it make a lovely Christmas gift?…just sayin’. You can check it out here.

stella watch


Stella & Dot products can only be purchased online from a stylist, or you can host a ‘Trunk Show’ which is basically a jewellery party with the girls (wine and prosecco are also welcome!). I hosted so many trunk shows when I was a stylist and I loved doing them as they were really just a gathering of all the girls trying on jewellery and having a great evening of fun. The best part is the host of the party receives free jewellery so it’s a win-win for everyone. I recall one night last Christmas I was at home and 7 girls in our local pub were wearing the ‘blessed’ bangle –  and 4 of those girls had received them free from hosting parties. Any excuse ladies to hold a porrrtay! Stella & Dot jewellery is delivered very efficiently to your home by courier and who would’t want to see these pretty parcels landing on your door-step. They make a perfect gift too.


If you fancy booking Carmel for a party or if you want to purchase directly from the website it’s or just click here. You can also follow Carmel on social media.

Facebook:  facebook @stylistcarmelfinn

Instagram:  carmelfinn_sdstylist

And Carmel just told me to let you know that she is kindly offering prosecco for any party booked in September – how nice is that? I have her booked for a party before Christmas and I’m already making my list. Well I have been a very good girl this year!!!

Chat you all soon and enjoy the Stella Shopping.

Tanya x


Happy Little Piggies!

Hello there ladies

I hope your week is going well…

I’m having a bit of a mad one and I am literally running around like a crazy woman…in heels, I’d like to add!

Being the short-ass I am, I do wear heels every day. But on saying that I love nothing more than kicking them off the minute I come in the door in the evening, jumping into the shower and then walking around bare-foot for the rest of the evening. And as I mentioned before the colder the tiles on the floor, the better! Sometimes I soak my feet in a basin of warm water with some peppermint foot-soak or peppermint oil (see pic). Oh, and there are no ‘feet healing’ benefits in the wine but while one is relaxing, one should treat oneself!


For long days in heels (say like a wedding) I would always suggest you wear your heels in advance especially if they are new shoes to break them in – nothing worse than hobbling around like a new born calf on the day of a wedding…not a good look for guests, and worse if you are the bride!

Never, ever take off your shoes during the meal of a wedding – I learned that the hard and painful way at my brother’s wedding. I thought my feet would have a nice little break under the table during the meal but eh, no…your feet will expand and then you have to put them back into the shoes, and this is torture!  Of course I stuffed my feet back into 5 inch heels and after a few hours of dancing they actually bled! Thank god for the old G&T – it must have acted like an anaesthetic! I have great memories of that wedding despite the ‘feet drama’ and I literally have the scars to prove it!

Speaking of anaesthetics…when I am going to an event now where I know I will be a while in heels, I pop on some topical numbing gel like difene or nurofen gel – we all have some in the back of a first-aid kit when we were prescribed it for an injury. So my tip is to slather this all over the soles of your feet before you head off and it will numb the pain. Ensure you let it dry before putting your feet in the shoes, and be careful not to mess up the tan if you are wearing instant tan.


Also, another trick is to use medical tape around your toes. If you tape your 3rd and 4th toes together this will alleviate the pressure on the ball of your foot when wearing heels. I read this years ago and I’m not sure why it’s those two toes, but  I’ve done it, and it works!

Also while I’m on the subject of heels I  recently purchased new shoes and much to my dismay they were too big – I have size 2/2.5 feet so it’s a disaster getting shoes to fit.  I usually buy a full insole or a gel insole when I buy size 3 shoes. I find with the full insole my shoes end up pinching my feet, and with the  gel insoles (the little half ones – the ‘party feet’ type) they seem to come out the side of my shoe. (So  there I am running along and my gel insole is hanging out the side of my shoe – the state of me sometimes haha). Anyway, recently I bought these fab size 3 shoes in River Island – I thought I’d never get them and they were reduced from €87 to €30 in the sale. Bargain! Sadly they were too big and after saying I was returning them I was contacted by two lovely ladies from Paul Byron Shoes in Athlone through snap-chat who suggested I buy half insoles. So in I went immediately and bought them – €2! The biz. Now unfortunately these particular shoes were still too big and ten pairs of insoles wouldn’t have worked but I am using them in all my other shoes and they are just brilliant. Thanks ladies…I’ll be in for more soon.


€2 half insoles in Paul Byron Shoes, Athlone – the biz! Thanks ladies x



Awh they were sadly returned…


So there you go –  a few of my little tips and tricks for looking after your piggies!

Later heelaholics.

T x

feet image

Sparkle like a Jewel ✨

Hi there,

I hope everyone is having a fab weekend despite the weather…ughhhh the rain.  If you are heading out tonight ladies bring your brollies and a hat (the hair will be in bits if not!) and if you are staying in, well pour yourself an extra large glass of wine and snuggle up on the couch…I’ll be doing the latter very soon.

Before I get into the styling chatter I was just thinking this evening about friendships. You know when you are  feeling a bit crappy (when someone annoys or upsets you and you feel like screaming or crying?… yep, I’ve had a few of those days recently) there’s always a friend who will put a bit a sparkle back into your dull day. Whether they pep you up, listen to your moaning, laugh at your madness or just hug it out with you, there’s always those extra special people who are there at the end of the phone or at the door (with a bottle of wine in hand!) to cure your woes.  I’m just rambling now but I guess I’m just thinking of the great friends I have, and I am thankful.


My blog-post is about some sparkly jewellery and it just seems apt that I mention a saying my little sister Lorraine always says if something is annoying me – “T, never let anyone dull your sparkle”, and it’s so true (and if you met my sister  you would think she eats glitter for breakfast as she sparkles all day!) So just remember that little quote if you’re every having a bad day ladies.

Anyway speaking of sparkle and getting back to the blog-post…coincidentally I am a huge fan of ‘Sparkle like a Jewel’, a jewellery company based in Co. Mayo run by the fabulous Caroline. I have 2 gorgeous pieces from her collection and like  the mag-pie that I am  I find myself eyeing up all the fabulous stock she has on a regular basis. Caroline you need to stop tempting me on snapchat!! Go follow her girls (sparklelajewel)


My jewellery from ‘Sparkle like a Jewel’

I used to always think statement jewellery was for a night out or a dressy occasion as I purchased piece after piece over the years. But a statement necklace can be used every day to jazz up a jumper, denim shirt, a work outfit or just to lift your spirits…you could just be wearing a plain jumper and all of a sudden you will feel a bit more dressed up. I have styled this fabulous necklace from Sparkle like a Jewel a few different ways…have a look below.


Add a bit of bling to your denim look.


Still with denim…but a bit more preppy!


Love this look with a navy jumper and denim shirt


Add some sparkle to a plain jumper


Wear outside or inside a crisp white shirt – perfect work-wear


Wear with contrasting colours for nice pop of bling!


Always perfect for the dressy look – a strapless dress/top.

Statement jewellery is so versatile so don’t let it pile up in your jewellery box to match that one dress or for one night out and don’t contemplate buying a piece…just buy it – you can wear it so many ways!  I had great fun styling this necklace with my friend Maria last night, who did most of the neck modelling for me. Thanks Madge! Do you like it? Well I was lucky to be gifted this stunning necklace from Sparkle like a Jewel and I have one for you…my fab followers too!

So, if you would like to win this beautiful piece, all you need to do is tag 3 of your sparkliest friends (or more if you have them!), share this post and follow ‘Sparkle like a Jewel’ on facebook. Simple.

This stunning necklace could be yours or you could be a sweetie and gift it to that sparkly friend that means the world to you.

Have a great Saturday night – go forth and sparkle! 🌟

Tanya x 💖




Shoe quote

“Hello, my name is Tanya and I am a heel-aholic!”

Oh gosh sometimes my poor piggies don’t thank me for it but when you are vertically challenged you do need all the help you can get.

Working in Galway has been a struggle, battling the cobbled streets on a daily basis running to meetings – it’s a challenge and my exercise! I am on first name terms with the guys in Mr. Timpsons, the shoemaker in Eyre Square Shopping centre. Re-heeling is a constant requirement – new shoes would probably be more cost effective! But to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way as I love my ‘running in heels’!


The minute I come home from work, I kick off the heels (after driving in them too!)  and I just loooove walking around in my bare feet (being constantly questioned by Colin if my feet are not cold on the kitchen tiles…’eh no, they are burning on the inside and this is like heaven’ – he will never understand!)

Another trick to soothe ‘the burn’  is to pop your feet into a basin of water with tea-tree or peppermint oil (like now when I’m writing my blog posts!) Or another favourite thing I love to do is to elevate my legs as high as possible…lying on the bed with my feet up on the wall is a good one! Colin’s eyes roll at this antic too, so I usually do that when he’s not around! I learned this from his granny who can (at nearly 99 years of age, I might add) elevate her leg as straight as a poker up onto her fire mantle! You would have to see it to believe it. Now she doesn’t wear heels like me, but she told me that doing this is very relaxing and it surely is. She is a legend of a lady and I doubt very much I’ll be able to do that at her age.

I recently bought a new pair of flat shoes in Topshop so now I have 2 pairs of flats, 2 pairs of converse (one of which I  hate as they cut the heels off me, and make me look goofy – white leather ones) and I’ve 2 pairs of walking runners (Asics) and that’s the total sum of flat shoes I possess, apart from some flip-flops and sandals for holidays/Summer. I also have some flat Winter boots (they are cowboy style with little 3 inch heels – my friends laugh when I call them ‘my flats’!)



And how many pairs of heels do I have?…well I am not gonna say, but ALOT! And what’s this blog post about…buying more! 🙈

Here’s some I’m lusting after at the mo. I might add one or two to my collection over the coming months. Ssssshh though, you know the story…’Oh these old yokes, I’ve had them since last Summer, I got them in the sales!’ 😉 You get my drift ladies!

Chat ye over the weekend…watch out for all my photos from my first blogger event, Galway Fashion Trail. Am I excited?? Super excited. Do I know what I’m wearing yet? No!! 🙈 Better get into this wardrobe now and sort that pronto!

Tanya 💖 x

P.S. If there’s any shoes you like, just comment and I’ll post up links x





Keep your head, heels and standards high! Tanya 💖 x

How to find the perfect boyfriend!

Happy Humpday
If you are reading this thinking I’m now “Tanya Tinder”, sorry to disappoint you!! Maybe my title was misleading…haha
Recently a few followers contacted me about boyfriend jeans and what are best ones out there. To be honest, I had them on my ‘wish-list’ so I didn’t mind the challenge to look around the shops.
There are loads of variations; stone-washed, low slung, ripped and even ones with really high waists called ‘mom’ jeans! (think American tourist in their 70’s …that’s what they look like) Sorry if I’m offending my American blog followers…yes, I do have some Americans following me and thank you…I am global haha!


So these were the looks I was trying to emulate on my search.

This look for me ticks all the boxes


Casual look with trainers


Always loving Myleene Klass style

Boyfriend jeans are supposed to be a relaxed fit with a slightly tapered leg, most of which are rolled up at the bottom. As you can see they look really good dressed up with a high heel, or dressed down with trainers (you know by now it’s always the heels option for me)
I’m gonna be honest it was hard to find a nice pair. Being 5 foot nothing doesn’t help! The rolled up leg which is supposed to stop mid-shin was mostly grazing my ankle…so a few extra rolls were required. It was difficult to find a slouchy pair too. Also, alot of them have large rips on them and that’s not always good look for us “milk bottle legged” ladies – a bit of Sally Hansen under said rips is a requirement, but when the jeans come off I can’t tell how ridiculous you will look with patches of tan on your legs. Of course you could choose not to be lazy like me and tan your full legs, but sometimes that’s just waaaay too much effort. Also, I wouldn’t be spending a fortune on this style of jean as it’s just a trend at the moment and there will be a new jean trend just around the corner…here’s my favourite pairs from Topshop, Levis (they have so many options  – check them out here) and of course the Penneys ones featured on my snap-chat yesterday which were a winner for me!

Topshop – Dirty Vintage Hayden Boyfriend Jeans

Levi 501

Some of the best boyfriend jeans are from Levi’s

Jeans penney

€19 – you can’t go wrong!


The look – with pastey milk bottle legs peeping through!

If all fails, rob the boyfriend’s/brother’s or husband’s jeans and see if you can pull the look together! With a 6′ 3″ husband I think I’ll be sticking to the shop bought rather than the borrowed kind!
Enjoy the rest of your evening – Grey’s Anatomy is back at 10pm on Sky Living after it’s mid season break…woohoo. I’m so sick of those election debates! Oh and there will be plenty of fashion too at The Brits tonight…can’t say we saw much of that on the election debates either!!
 Take care,
Tanya x

A fusion of style and personality!

Hi ladies,
Another week, another blog post and I bring you more fashion!  😘
I’ve decided for Lent to be really positive in all areas of my life as it’s too easy to be negative, moany and whingy…that was ‘January me’!! haha! Unfortunately, the weather is not helping with my lenten mission but I am looking forward to the Spring/Summer seasons and all the bright days ahead…and of course, all the new fashion. This time of year there are lots of events coming up such as confirmations, communions and of course weddings so now’s the time to start looking as we see an injection of colour coming into the shops…and I know just the place for you ladies!

The gorgeous gals of Fusion Fashion – Lora & Fiona

When I lived in Galway last year one of the very first people I met was a fabulous lady by the name of Fiona Faherty. I met Fiona through Stella & Dot, of which she is an Irish founding member. I always remember the night I met her in The Forge Pub in Moycullen and thought ‘Wow this lady is a go-getter, full of ambition and super stylish!’. Fiona has a full-time job, she is a stylist for Stella & Dot and she also owns a fashion boutique in Moycullen, Galway called ‘Fusion Fashion’ (some woman for one woman’ I hear you say!) Of course, a few days later I just had to visit her boutique ‘Fusion Fashion’ and what a fab find it was! (and of course it would’ve be rude not to buy something, so I tottered out the door with this gorgeous Lavand pink pleated midi skirt!)


I popped out to the boutique again recently as Fiona was hosting a ‘Dressing for your body shape’ event in the boutique – a free evening of styling which she offered her customers (another string to her bow!) and it was such an enjoyable evening as we browsed through the latest Spring collection.
Fusion Fashion have moved to a larger premises since last year which houses some beautiful occasion and casual wear. It is indeed the perfect place for your big event or a night out, but it also stocks some really cool casuals – jackets, coats and separates (I even spied cute bobble hats for the chilly days). It’s an extremely popular choice when dressing for the Galway Races and why not? You are guaranteed to find something, not just beautiful, but also unique. Fiona stocks Irish and International labels such as Eden Row, Evasse, Sinequaone, Anonyme and Lavand to name but a few….some of which are exclusive to Fusion Fashion.
This boutique though is not just about the clothes, it’s the overall experience. The shop itself is sooo stylish with elegant decor and lighting ( I want this lampshade for my bedroom!)
The changing rooms are really spacious and so glamorous – you really feel like you are in an up-market high-end designer store which would you would find in Rodeo Drive, LA!
Remember that scene in Pretty Woman? (well it’s like that!)
For me though it’s the customer service that wins here – the staff are just sooo nice (unlike Pretty Woman!!) Fiona, Lora and Sinead are on hand to guide and help all the way with a genuine interest in the customer and will have you totally accessorised too with co-ordinating jewellery, bags and hats! I know it’s a cliche but it really is a ‘one stop shop’ for fashionistas!
Head-pieces are also available from Lora Millinery, Michael Mullins, Mary White, Majella Lennon & Catriona King.

Bespoke hats by Lora Millinery


Hats, head-pieces & accessories.

Part of the boutique is dedicated to accessories with a beautiful area displaying hats, bags, and jewellery. You can leave this shop literally dressed from head to toe (They don’t have shoes but with this lady at the helm, it wouldn’t surprise me to see shoes coming at some stage!)
If you are not fortunate enough to be passing through or living near Moycullen (which is only 10 minutes from Galway city centre on the Clifden Rd), don’t worry your little fashionable heads they have a website which you can order from, or you can ring the shop and they will post to you. How’s that for service?
Ladies, I do urge you take a look online and to follow Fusion Fashion on social media…Fiona at Fusion Fashion might just have a nice little surprise for one of my fashionable followers this weekend…so you might just want to have a favourite piece in mind! Just sayin’…so watch this space! 😘 Fashion Galway
Instagram: fusionfashiongalway
I really wanted this fab coat but as you can see it wasn’t my size 😥 There are still some left in the sale, so if you love it like I did, get calling in the morning or pop online now!
 Enjoy the rest of your week.
Tanya x 💖

Roses vs River Island!

Hi there ladies,

Yaaay we are just over the midweek hump so let’s slide on down to the weekend.

If you are more into your fashion than your flowers on Valentines Day I have you sorted with this blog post. Instead of picking flowers, your loved one can pick you one of these gift ideas from River Island. (Or you could just ask for a voucher to save all the hassle…. I’m such a romantic…haha) Remember though, flowers will wither girls and shoes are forever!

So here’s a few ideas (feel free to tag your other half or send them on the link!). If there are any other shops you want me to do the same for, just leave a comment – I am happy to ensure you get the gift you want!

I’ve picked some ideas from €8 -100 depending on how flaithulach they are feeling.

There is no price tag on love…right?


Tanya x


Under €20

Gold tone caged cuff €13

Gold tone caged cuff €13

One Fleek €13

Phone Cover €13


Sunglasses case

White and snakeskin print sunglasses case €8


Under €40

Slouchy Bag €40

Slouchy Bag €40

Leather look skirt €40

Leather look skirt €40


Under €60

Beige laser cut bomber jacket €53

Beige laser cut bomber jacket €53

Dark red sleeveless split front midi dress €60

Dark red sleeveless split front midi dress €60

Cable knit cold shoulder jumper

Cable knit cold shoulder top €50

Under €80

Laceup strappy sandals €75

Lace-up strappy sandals €75

Whipstitch biker jacket

Whipstitch biker jacket €80

Under €100

Black embellsihed peplum jacket

Black embellished peplum jacket €87


Camel smart long jacket 100

Smart camel long jacket €100

Communion & Confirmation Cat-walk

Hello there ladies,

It’s that time of the year when I hear my ‘mum friends’ chatting about the confirmation and communion outfit. Of course, and without a doubt, the most important person of the day is the child but I do believe both of these occasions are ‘high style’ events for the mums too. I haven’t been to either occasion since my sister’s confirmation and that’s not today or yesterday, but I have seen the stylish outfits purchased by my friends over the past few years and I’d say the church is like a run-way on Paris fashion week with alot more looking than praying going on!

Before I wrote this blog I had a long chat with one of my best friends who is a mum of 3 and she said to  adopt a ’less is more’ approach. With that in mind I would advise to  be careful with necklines, hemlines and not to go for anything strapless. As we approach the Spring season (who would’ve thought looking out at today’s weather) try to inject a pop of colour into your outfit.  Of course if you are looking for something slimming, a simple black dress is perfect and you can add colour or texture with your accessories – a statement chain, a colourful bag or pretty heels can change up your complete look.

Going overboard on such occasions rarely comes with a life raft but does come with guaranteed camera flashes. Those photos are forever so why take the risk!


Here’s a few I spotted…and I will be posting more throughout the week so keep an eye on my facebook page and as always if you have any questions or need some help, just ask!

T x


Inject a pop of colour


Remember this model is tall so this won’t be the length on you unless you are a model!


A nautical look



My outfit of choice always – the jumpsuit!


A flattering fit


Also in navy/red with side-split sleeves


A leather-look skirt for the fashion-forward mums!

Bigger midi

A few bright alternatives!



Who doesn’t love a new dress? (Gúna Nua)

Happy New Year my lovelies and I hope you all had a fabulous break.

I was fairly quite on the blog over the Christmas as I was a bit manic on the run up to it with work, getting used to the new daily work commute and the fun of  moving into a new house! It was all go and all I wanted to do was sleep come Christmas Day, but no fear of that as we had 8 to feed for dinner – no pressure…or no sleep!! but we had a great day.

That didn’t stop me hitting up the sales  (both clothes and furniture – now that I am a  new home-owner I find myself browsing around the home-ware sections more frequently but I usually just convince myself that if I  can’t wear it, I don’t need it – hence the reason I am still looking for bedside lockers but have 2 new jumpers and a new skirt!)

Anyway, before all the madness, one of my very good friend’s Aoifa called on my help  – she had what you would call a ‘dress-dilemma’ for an upcoming wedding and had to return the first dress purchased – we won’t go into that story. So being a busy mum of  two, she was literally panicking as this was going to be a super fashionable wedding. Mid conversation to ease the suffering,  I offered my ‘searching services’ (I love shopping especially with other people’s money!!)

The wedding was Saturday 2nd January so we had time! There was a few factors to consider – first we were conscious of the indulgences of Christmas (so tight dresses were a no-no), the fact there might be alot of guests wearing black, I thought a pop of colour might be nice and also I wanted her to experiment with a different style of outfit that she wouldn’t normally go for, but yet feel comfortable.

As you know I am a huge fan of the midi skirt, so I thought this might be a good option for Aoifa, as they are so versatile and can be worn again with various styles of tops throughout the year, plus she hadn’t opted for this look previously.

12464068_10206588542765124_1166044725_n 12468114_10206588543805150_301644792_n








It took me very little time (less than 30 minutes after hanging up the phone) to find what I wanted as I headed straight onto facebook and instagram to the fabulous Gúna Nua Boutique in Ballina, Co. Mayo. Now I have no affiliation with this shop whatsoever, I just stalk it from afar online, and when I do visit the in-laws I make it my business to pop in to see their new stock (and I visited the sale post Christmas and got the most amazing skirt for €20 – I’ll tell you about that again). I have purchased a few pieces over time from the boutique  and the great thing is that they are happy to post around Ireland too if you are not in a position to head for  the west, you can just give them a call to order.

I chose a dark purple midi skirt, tiered slightly shorter at the front (pockets too) and an embellished elbow length grey/blue top (which can be worn the opposite way too, cardigan-style)









One quick call back to Aoifa after I sent all the outfit links and she was sold! She was on the phone to Gúna Nua the following morning and was dealt with by a lovely member of staff and had the outfit delivered within 2 days –  there’s nothing like a local boutique for ensuring excellent customer care and service!

Accessorising was simple as the top had plenty of embellishment so there was  no need to go mad! The earrings were from Coast  (years old!), bracelet (Stella & Dot) and clutch bag (Coast) were all kindly donated by myself….love my bits and bobs to get an outing…kinda feels like I am going to the wedding too!  Aoifa had the perfect shoes already  – silver peep toes which matched the bag.

Teresa Rushe Molloy Hair Studio, Athlone created a fabulous up-style (suitably styled to  the outfit, and it was also something that wouldn’t move during the wild wind and rain we endured on Saturday) I believe the hair was still perfectly in tact at 5am in the resident’s bar!!!


And yours truly, moi did the make up!

And voilá she was stunning!


So girls if you find you need some help choosing an outfit for a big event or even just a night out, please ask me. This is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and am happy to hit up the shops, be it online or in person at anytime so don’t be afraid to holler! That’s what I am here for.

If you are looking for something stunning, I would highly recommend Guna Nua Boutique, Ballina – you will  find them on Facebook: Guna Nua Boutique and Instagram: gunanua

Hair dresser: Follow on facebook – Teresa Rushe Molloy Hair Studio

Now ladies, while you are reading this post I’ll be at my Christmas party!! Yes, it’s on a Monday night – the joys of working in the hospitality industry! And if you’re wondering what I’m wearing…a black dress with long sleeves I bought on honeymoon 2 and half years ago, probably with wellies and oil-skins over it!!

Chat you later in the week.

T x