Clean eating and minding myself!

Hello and Happy Monday!

It’s the start of another new week and perhaps it’s one of those Mondays where we make ourselves promises to be healthy, exercise, eat well and all that jazz! Usually for me that lasts ’til about 4pm on a Monday as I reach for a packet of crisps!

At the end of July you may recall I decided to do a clean eating detox and I did say I would write a blog post after it was finished, but to be honest there was no point writing it immediately as I wanted to see how I felt the weeks after so I could let you know if it made any impact at all to my eating habits.

Over the past few months I’ve been pretty run down, suffering from headaches and stomach cramps and I’m continuously tired but yet not able to sleep. In turn all of this was having a knock-on affect on my skin and hair and I was getting recurring cold-sores. I suppose I was just burning the candle at both ends and being a bit silly really regarding looking after myself.
I knew all of this was pretty much down to my diet. I definitely drink too much coffee, not enough water, go for huge lengths of time without even eating at all and also make bad food choices when I’m hungry. Of course, like most people I do like my glass of wine too. I adore cheese and am a divil for eating crisps or nachos when cooking my dinner. In my job in the hospitality industry my working hours are long and they do vary so you might see me eating my dinner at 9pm but I will always have my dinner. I am sure I am not the only one who goes on like this? (please tell me ye all have bad eating habits).

Anyway, co-incidentally through work I got chatting to a local lady, Nichola Ryan and as the conversation went on I realised she was a pilates teacher but also an expert in the field of diet and nutrition. Following on from our chance meeting I decided I needed to change my mindset and focus on a bit of clean eating so I contacted Nichola and she devised a personalised plan for me which was a 5 day clean eating detox. Now this was not juicing, supplements or anything like that – those choices may work for some people and I am not knocking anyone who decides to go down that road at all, but it wouldn’t be for me. Nichola would be in agreement with me and that’s why I decided her clean eating plan would work for me. And just to clarify,  I did not do this for weight loss – I did it for energy and my own well-being and health.

So what did I eat you are probably wondering? Well I ate everything from the food pyramid including fats and carbohydrates but all the good ones! There was no caffeine, sugar, wheat, alcohol or dairy. ‘Eeeek’ I hear you say! I know it sounds awful. I’m not going to lie the first day was fine – I was all enthusiastic and geared up to embark on my 5 day detox. Starting off the day with hot water and lemon is pretty normal for me, but cutting out the coffee was hard. I guess its more of a habit. After my hot water and lemon, I always switch on the coffee machine and make a cuppa while getting ready for work. Drinking decaf green tea didn’t give me the same satisfaction, but I ploughed on nonetheless.

Healthy food shop

Day 2 and 3 were really hard. I got a thundering headache and the advice passed onto me from Nichola was to drink lots and lots of water. Honestly, I was nearly drowning myself with water, nevermind running to the loo non-stop! But I did feel the benefits and the headaches eased.

The food part was actually fine. I do love food when I actually make it my business to eat properly and and I felt I was eating more than I normally do. I am a divil for skipping either lunch or breakfast though. Every day without fail I have my dinner, but it’s either only breakfast or lunch I have, but never both! That had to change.

Breakfast options were porridge (with water only, no milk or no fruit…but I did throw in a few seeds for crunch which was allowed). Kilbeggan Oats are my favourite and still creamy with only water. Strangely I was allowed whole natural bio yogurt too (only a couple of teaspoons per day, which is dairy but also good carbs and good for the gut, so that was nice). Other options were eggs (cooked any style) and bacon…all this is obviously without toast, butter, brown bread etc. I stuck to porridge most days as I was working the 5 days of my detox and it was the handiest for me.

Glenisk yogurt

Lunch then was salads and they were great with salmon/chicken or any cooked meats. No dressings only a squeeze of lemon juice or some black pepper, but that was fine. One day I had an egg and ham omelette and sure I was as full as an egg (if you’ll excuse the pun) after my porridge breakfast, having that only a few hours later!

Chicken lunch.jpg

Snacks were veg sticks and hummus, pieces of chicken or cooked meat and boiled eggs. I was addicted to carrot and pepper sticks with my own homemade hummus…that was just fab and had a lunch box of them on my desk and in the car too if I got hungry.

Dinner was any veg really except mushrooms, so I stir fried/ roasted or boiled those and had those with brown rice (40g) or my new love ‘brown rice pasta’ – now this is deeeeelish. You will find it in the gluten free section of the supermarket: it’s in Tesco Athlone and Super Valu too. Again, you can only have 40g and it tastes like regular pasta but without that bloating feeling. I added passata (sieved tomato) to this and threw in lots of herbs and spices, veg and prawns…I love chilli and garlic so there was lashings thrown onto all my dinners. I could have any meats for protein or fish which I love anyway.

Brown rice pasta

So how did I feel afterwards? I felt energised from day 4. As I said, day 1 was just my enthusiasm. Day 2 and 3 were killers – the caffeine and sugar leaving my body had me zonked! I felt really tired and struggled with the headaches.

Would I recommend it. Yes, absolutely. It makes you think about what you put into your body. In my job I eat on the go and grab bits and pieces here and there. I am fortunate to be surrounded by fabulous food all day and I’m very lucky that I don’t have a sweet tooth but when my energy slumps I have been know to take a square of chocolate brownie! It’s kind of silly really as I don’t ever buy chocolate and I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, but when you feel lethargic you would really reach for anything to give you a boost of energy.

So am I back eating the way I was? No. Now I am eating more regularly and ensuring processed foods are minimal. Yes, I am having my morning coffee but I don’t feel as guilty as I am drinking lots more water which has reduced the amount of coffee I drink.  I am more conscious of my food choices now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t reach for a glass of prosecco or have a bag of chips every now and then. I now just think about when and what I eat and realise that I need to fuel my body from the inside with nutricious wholesome food.

And I know the burning question on people’s mind…did I lose weight? The answer is yes, of course I  did. That was not my intention but when you change to clean eating this is a natural occurence. So I would suggest that maybe if you want to lose a few pounds before a holiday or a big event, this would be the healthier way to go as opposed to starving yourself or going on some mad fad diet!

My full clean-eating detox plan was tailored for me after we discussed my lifestyle, my eating habits, weight etc. so I know it suited my needs and mine was just for 5 days. Nichola tailors eating plans for individuals on a one-to-one basis, so I would suggest contacting her if you think this is something you might want or like to do.

Anyway, I found it amazing. Nichola now wants me to join her pilates class which I am considering. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I’m allergic to gyms, but a pilates studio I might just cope with, so watch this space.

Please feel free to comment with any questions but if you want expert advise please do contact Nichola directly.

I’ll leave her details below.

Have a great week.

Tanya x

P.S. Just incase anyone thinks I got paid to write this, you know only too well I didn’t. I am just sharing my own experience but feel free to send me money if you enjoyed reading it!!!

Click below to find Nichola on facebook or call/text 086-4403110

Nichola Ryan Pilates Athlone

Nichola Ryan


What’s your address?

Yesterday I sat down and wrote Christmas cards to my friends and family and I spent half the night texting people for their addresses….some friend I am! Some of my friends have moved house recently, others have purchased new houses and some have emigrated. While I was writing the cards I was thinking about how lucky I am and the ‘card recipients’ are to have a house, a home…an address.

Tomorrow night I am fortunate enough to be able to go to Dublin to see a band I love called ‘Ham SandwicH’ in Dublin and see the sparkly Christmas lights, which is something I have always loved since we were brought to see by my parents as kids.

I am saddened though to think that there are a large amount of people in Dublin and in other cities and towns in our little country who will see the Christmas lights every single night these next few weeks, and on other nights they will see the moon and the stars…these are the people who sleep under them. These are Ireland’s homeless.

Women, men and children have no home. They have a cardboard box and maybe a blanket, if they are lucky. It is Winter and there is a storm coming.  They are cold and they are hungry. They are lonely too. They are on the streets because our Government doesn’t care.

I know tomorrow night as myself and Colin walk to the gig we will pass so many homeless people. We can’t change this, but we can do something small to help.

We decided that we will give all the homeless we pass a ham sandwich…it’s not world changing but it’s something small we can do as we walk the streets of Dublin. There are so many others doing so much more for the homeless but if each of us do one little thing we can make a small changes.  If there is anything you can do this Christmas, please do.

God forbid, some day it could be one of us who needs help.

Tanya x





Cleanin’ out my closet – Part 2

Carrie wardrobe

Hello ladies and hello February! (and Storm Henry!)

It’s a new month and it’s that time of the year…time to Spring clean! *I can hear the sighs already.

This is part two of my blog post about clearing out your closet…and this time it’s how to tackle the dreaded wardrobe.

Here’s the drill!

Stop putting it off – devote a few committed hours to it and whatever you do, don’t start and then stop, as you will never go back it! So mark the calendar, turn off your phone, send the kids on a play-date, turn up some tunes and get going.

Take everything out of your wardrobe – YES the whole lot!

Make 3 piles – one for what you wear regularly, one for what you have worn in last 6 months and one for what you plan to wear in the next 6 months – simple! Anything remaining needs to go…maybe with the following few exceptions:

  • A dress/outfit for a wedding/event – if you bought something special and you know you will get another wear out of it, hold onto it…but if there’s no invites coming your way, say bye-bye!
  • Your wooliest Winter coat or a rain coat…yes, we all have them and thankfully we don’t need them 12 months of the year so hold onto these essentials especially in our little country as they will always be a requirement!
  • Summer holiday clothes, and by that I mean bikinis, sarongs etc. – you may not have been on a holiday in the last 6 months or mightn’t be planning one within the next 6 but hopefully you will get away soon, so hang onto these as you don’t need to be buying more! I store mine in a suitcase so they are all together and can be taken out for a quick whizz in the machine before I head away!


Try on the clothes you are keeping (the ones in the ‘next 6 months’ pile). This one I can’t stress enough.  Do not hold something up and say ‘this is so beautiful I’m going to keep it’.  That’s too easy and what you might not remember is that, although it’s beautiful, the buttons gape at the front showing off your bra! Nope we don’t want that now do we. Get rid of it.

I’m not opposed to keeping your “skinny” clothes (and I know we all do it) but for goodness sake you don’t need to keep all of it.  Styles change, your tastes change, your body shape changes so chances are good that when you get back to that size you’re going to want new stuff anyway. Remember this saying…

” The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress” – Hubert de Givenchy

If you have a piece of clothing that you wear but are annoyed with it every time you do, seriously stop it….you know that top you love that keeps itching you everytime you wear it? Get rid.

Don’t forget those dresser drawers! Be sure to go through underwear and bras, socks and anything else in your drawers and follow the steps above. Add some drawer dividers to make it easier to find items and keep them sorted.

Unwanted clothes…what to do with them?

  1. Toss – if it’s just beyond wearable.
  2. Donate – to a friend, charity shop or pop in any of the clothes bins around your town.
  3. Sell – put them on ebay or set up a depop account and make some money!

Like I said in my last blog-post, hang as much as you can, without squashing it all together. If you missed Part 1, read it here.

Fold like items into neat piles such as jeans, jumpers, t-shirts and place them where you can clearly see them in your wardrobe.

I know it’s hard girls but it has to be done and you gotta be cruel to be kind. Your wardrobe will thank you! If anyone is in dire need of wardrobe sorting, please feel free to contact me to conduct a full wardrobe dissection…but be warned…I’ve been known to be ruthless!!

Tanya x




Cleanin’ out my closet – Part 1

Hello there,

Well the title of my blog comes from a man who I’d say never cleaned out his closet in his life. Mind you, the lyrics of Eminem’s songs were a bit mad and it was fairly difficult to decipher what the hell was going on in his head (his closet)! It was nothing to do with his messy wardrobe, I’m fairly sure of that!

So many people say to me ‘oh I need a big clear-out’ or ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ or ‘my wardrobe is bursting, but I can’t find anything’. There are 2 problems I always find – one is that we are a nation of ‘clothes hoarders’ and just keep packing the wardrobes. The other is that we don’t store items properly, therefore we can’t actually see what we have, so it’s no surprise we can’t find what we are looking for! And then all we have is just loadsa ‘stuff’ everywhere!

imageI’m going to write two blog posts over the next few days to try to combat these 2 problems – one is about storage ideas, the other about wardrobe de-cluttering. When we moved into our new house before Christmas I swore I was going to get some ‘law and order’ on my wardrobe and try to create more space by using up empty space with good storage ideas. Mind you when I said I was writing this blog-post I was met with ‘well I hope you practice what you preach!’

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate clutter and there’s a bit of a Monika going on with me sometimes! That doesn’t mean I’m always the tidiest but my motto is,  ‘There’s a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place’. 

Right, we will start with storage and not just your wardrobe, but in general around your bedroom and bathroom where us girlies tend to let things pile up! And don’t worry I am not going to be recommending a new set of slide-robes or a trip to your nearest furniture shop! Just a few easy steps.

Hanging clothes: This is very important to keep them in shape. These hangers are from Penneys and a bargain at €3.90 at the moment, normally €5 – Of course we all have the wire hangers from the dry-cleaners but you know girls these are not good for our clothes – if you invest in some good clothes, invest in good hangers too. It’s ok to fold clothes too like jeans, tee-shirts etc but your dresses, blazers, coats and good jumpers should be hung. Piling stuff up on the floor is a no-no….Floordrobes, seriously?! C’mon pick them up and hang them up, or put them away. It only takes a few minutes.


Belts & scarves: Bane of my life. I have so many belts (god know why as I  rarely wear one  – they just come with things) And as for scarves, don’t get me started…when we moved house the question was asked ‘Who has a suitcase of scarves?’ Eh…that would be me. Again hang these…see some ideas in the images below. Or you could use those plastic containers with lids which you can buy most homeware or toy stores. It’s important to put them where you can reach them….not on top of your wardrobe as the likelihood is you will pull down the box, throw the lid on the ground and run off and leave it there – make sure boxes like these are easily accessible for your height.


Great for belts – buy in Penneys.


For scarves: this opens out into 12 loops…might need a few of these hangers!

Jewellery: This box is the biz from Homestore & More – I bought it recently for earrings and it’s just so handy as you can see everything – I think it was €5/€6. Thcy have a huge amount of storage products so check out their website here. I need a few more though! 🙈 I keep my other jewellery in one large tattered cardboard box I bought in Dunnes years ago, but at least everything is together.


These collapsible jewellery organisers are also from Penneys if you prefer to hang your jewellery.


That empty space in the bottom of your wardrobe.  Oh I hate it…what a waste! Unless you put in a lower rail it’s just usually filled with shoes etc.  I bought these storage boxes – the bigger one on the left is from Homestore & More (buy it here) and it’s still on sale, (the other one I have for years). I have my ‘every day work preparation essentials’ in it – make up, hair dryer and straightener – so I just pull it out in the morning and I have everything to hand! Throw them back in, put it back in the wardrobe, close the wardrobe and off I  go and everything is together for the next morning. The other one is for socks and underwear until I get my chest of drawers.


Ikea storage boxes. Of course I have more ‘stuff ‘ than what was in that little plastic locker and thankfully the wardrobe in our spare room has some really large built-in drawers so I purchased these little space savers in Ikea – I try to put some organisation on them – one is for hair products, other for make up, perfumes etc. – I know it looks muddled but it’s organised…kinda organised chaos but I know where everything is!

Buy them here – €7 for 6 boxes

imageBaskets. These are so handy to keep your skincare products at hand if you don’t have much storage space in your bathroom and they are so pretty too. I spotted these lovely ones in Penneys, but you can also pick up affordable ones in Dunnes and Heatons too – these 2 were just €6 for the pair. If you have children, you could also use them to store their little bits and bobs…I saw some on a baby-changing table recently for holding nappies, powders, creams and all those little essentials you need to have close by.


Jars. I made over 100 of these jars before my wedding to hold tea-lights and they are now in the homes of my friends and family. They were super-easy to make as I bought a huge roll of lace for €7 and that covered all those jars, plus I bought a large string of pearls and they were around €5. So you can imagine how much they would cost if you were only to make a small amount – all the jars are empty mayonnaise, beetroot and salsa jars which people kindly gave me (all the salsa jars were ours…like how much salsa did we eat the year of the wedding? 😂 ) Now I used them to hold cotton-wool/buds, my make up brushes, spare buttons etc. and they look so pretty.


I never got one of these little cosmetic organisers – they were sold out in every Penneys within 24 hours apparently! They will be re-stocked again in 2 weeks so keep your peepers peeled and keep me informed too!



So that’s it ladies, I’m certainly not saying my house is in anyway organised…it’s soooo not and there are still boxes to be unpacked everywhere since we moved. I hope these little storage saving ideas will help you.

Have a fun weekend.

T x 💖


When I met Pippa…

The day was Saturday, the time was 11am (of course we arrived late! yes, very last into the ballroom!) and the place was the stunning Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone. Of course you know already where I was last weekend…Pippa’s Fashion Factory. If you were following me on snap-chat I was keeping  you well updated throughout the day (hopefully not to the point of being obsessive) and to all the ladies who snapped me since thanking me for my full coverage of the event, I am glad you enjoyed it! Sure you practically saved €100 – I should’ve been like the sports channels and charged ‘pay per view’ haha!


First time I ever applied lashes on myself! Nearly stuck eyes together! 🙈



What I wore…Warehouse Jumpsuit

Anyway, the day kicked off with Pippa arriving on stage and giving us a full itinerary of the day’s events which sounded so exciting . We were all seated at round tables and there were 2 huge screens in place, so everyone had a perfect view of the stunning lady.  As you would only expect from one so stylish, she looked impeccable with her flawless hair and make-up and of course her outfit from River Island &  Warehouse was simply stunning…those shoes are on my wish-list.

imageFirst off, make up professional and model Tara O’Farrell carried out a complete make up look on the already gorgeous Laura Warren Treacy who works with Pippa. From primer to lashes she had us all glued to her! Using blank canvas brushes throughout the application and a mix of high-end and budget cosmetics (mostly budget you will be glad to hear) she achieved a beautiful finished look. Tara is another lady who is absolutely gorgeous and dare I say it but I think she is a ‘much prettier Roz Purcell look-alike’. Sorry Roz.

Tips from Tara:

  • Always use translucent powder – Laura Mercier Invisible Loose setting powder or Bourjois Java Rice Powder (the cheaper alternative)
  • If you think you don’t want lashes, think again…everyone needs a little lift and flutter!
  • Dealz is a great place for picking up a nude lip gloss (who would’ve thought?) – she bought 15 incase they sold out and she swears by it – the colour is ‘Nice & Nude’ and by the way it’s sold out now…well definitely in Galway! She recommends a nude pencil from Penneys make up range too- No.6

Then Pippa went through her own make up bag and skincare routine and here’s a few of her favourites.

  • Elemis Pro collagen cleansing balm
  • No.7 Eye make up remover
  • Bioderma micellar water
  • Stila One Step correct primer
  • A nude eye-liner to make your eyes pop…put it on the waterline.
  • The Pippa palette…well that’s a given!


I have her full list of skincare and make -up products written down so if you have any questions on other product she used, feel free to ask me! I’m framing the list!!

There was an hour break for afternoon tea which was delicious (and we may have had a glass of vino too)


Afternoon Tea at Hodson Bay Hotel

The second half of the day opened up with a fashion show featuring clothes from Oasis, Warehouse, Coast & River Island. There was one dress in Coast I am totally lusting after and the model got lots of ‘ooohs and aaahs’ as she sashayed around the Clonmacnoise Suite.

Dress coast

Then there was a hairdresser (I just can’t recall her name) who was just so lovely, advising on all hair tips and tricks and how to make curls quite quickly by putting your hair in a ponytail, curling sections with tongs and pinning it – very impressive (I spend my entire life straightening the curls out of my hair but it was still very interesting). There was lots of crowd interaction with questions flying up to Pippa and one girl was brought on stage and got her hair back-combed.

The hair tip I picked up was to use the L’Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Moisture Shampoo. Apparently normal shampoo is like washing your hair with dish washing liquid (eeeek) as it contains so much sulfates.


Finally, Pippa went through a rail of her wardrobe essentials, with many pieces from Zara and River Island. I’m quite sure she has a packed wardrobe and it would be impossible for her to show us it all, but this snap-shot was impressive to say the least.

All in all, it was such an enjoyable day. So many people have asked me since ‘What is she like…is she gorgeous, is she nice?’ And the answer is ‘Yes and yes’ . What you see is what you get, and what you get is someone beautiful on the inside and out.  For me one word describes Pippa and that is ‘endearing’. There was a humbleness you don’t always find with some celebrities and when she spoke on stage there was nearly a shyness. For a lady so successful with her business, she keeps it real too and that’s why I think we are drawn to her – she is a wife, a mum and she has had sad days too after losing her own mum.  At the end of the day when it’s all boiled down she is just like us…except she has AMAZING legs!!!


She spoke to every group and posed for photos before and after the show and although she is mid pregnancy and I assume pretty tired, she had a kind word and a genuine smile for each person. Of course, I told her about my little blog and how inspiring she is for me starting out …lord knows what I actually said as I went into a babbling, star-struck mess telling her I love her and Marissa Carter!! haha! Well I guess she will always remember me so if I ever get famous! (as if)



We left with lots of information, tips, shopping lists and a fab goody bag each but most of all I left with an impression of someone who is genuine and believable. If you weren’t lucky enough this time to get tickets, watch out for other upcoming dates around the country on


A day like Saturday is a fabulous girly day out and we carried on into the evening with a post-mortem on the whole day over a glass of wine in The Waterfront Bar at Hodson Bay Hotel, followed by dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in the whole country, the fabulous Kin Khao Thai Restaurant. Then it was onto Sean’s Bar to write our shopping lists for our new make-up bag contents and wardrobe.

Some of the girls I went with (you know who you are…my Coosan neighbour!) are now packing their make-up bags with Pippa’s recommendations, so we took her advice and we went forth and shopped! It’s Pippa’s shoes I want…maybe when she has the baby she won’t need to wear heels as often…I don’t think she is a size 2 though – pity, I’m sure she would’ve given them to me!

Sorry about the lengthy blog post but I wanted to fit everything in and I hope the photos are clear too as there were pink uplighters in the room so there’s a pink shadow on them all. I hope to get to a few of these events during the year and I hope they are as much fun!

Chat soon,

Tanya x 💖

Kindess is always in style

Hey there,

I am so bold recently and haven’t written an actual blog-post since mid October. I have been really busy at work the past few months which is great, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. Although I haven’t been blogging I haven’t totally neglected ye, nd I hope I am still keeping you all entertained posting my daily fashion fixes, funnies and life’s little adventures!

This isn’t a new post either (I’m re-posting a blog I wrote last year). I have a good few new followers this year so apologies to anyone who read it last year, but maybe it’s no harm reading it again! Being the day that’s in it, ‘National Culchie Shopping Day’ as I like to call it, it’s important to share the same message this year and that is that ‘Kindess is always in style’.

7th December 2015

So here we are on the eve of what used to be the main shopping day of the year, the 8th of December…’Cuchies Day Out’ as we used to call it (and me being the biggest culchie going used to love heading off on the bus to Dublin to spend all my hard-earned babysitting money!) Then it was back home to mass…oops how times have changed!

I don’t think it’s as relevant nowadays as the madness and mayhem of Christmas shopping kicks in straight after Halloween and sure we are shopping all year ’round anyway…well I am anyway! Personally, I don’t stress too much over it at all. I try to sus out people in advance and generally have a list of gifts and stick to them. I do alot of my shopping online too as it’s a busy time at work for me so getting into the shops can be difficult – mind you, that’s no harm really as my biggest problem is getting distracted and buying gifts for myself…well you have to treat yourself too!!


To be honest it all gets a bit chaotic around this time of year with stressed out shoppers and drivers, bad weather and queues everywhere. It’s supposed to be a happy time and admit it, we all a bit contrary going around the shops rooting for the perfect gift? It’s not one bit like the movies!!! Everywhere is getting busier and everyone is limited with their time. It made me stop and think how we need to be generally nicer to each other when out shopping over the Christmas and embrace the season of goodwill.


I made a little list of rules for myself that I try to stick to and I wanted to share them with you  – it’s really a bit of ‘Shopping Etiquette!’


This is a stressful one as we watch shoppers with bags, praying they are putting them in the boot and going home…so we ‘car-stalk’ them  – yes, I am the one who follows you and your bags around the car-parks! haha.

But, don’t be a bully – if someone is indicating into a space don’t be sneaky trying to steal their spot.

Don’t ever, ever park in a family or disabled parking spot – they are closer to the door for a reason, so respect those who need the spaces.

Be careful when opening doors especially when it’s windy and you are holding bags of shopping –  don’t let the car door swing into the car beside you (this is a pet hate of mine and I have been known to scowl and give-out to culprits!).

If you have a parking ticket with time remaining on it, give it to the person who is taking your parking spot, it is of no use to you and it’s nice to be nice.

And lastly, watch out for the little shoppers – this time of year there are lots of kids visiting Santa in the shopping centres so be vigilant when driving around car-parks incase one of them might run out and always drive slowly.

Retail Staff:

As we roam around the shops do we ever think of the staff who are working? This time of year they work extra long hours and still have to face the January sales too, with many retail staff only off on Christmas Day. Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and wish them a nice Christmas too. If it’s not too busy have a little chat or pay them a compliment.

Don’t ever be rude as I’m sure they would like to reverse their role with you and spend the day shopping! And of course if you stop for coffee or lunch be nice to the waiting staff as they are also extra busy this time of year.


It’s nice when you only have a litre of milk to buy and someone in front of you with a ‘trolley-load’ lets you go ahead – think of that the next time you are grocery shopping with your ‘trolley-load’ and let the person with the ‘little load’ go first.

Also, if you are picking up clothes in the shops, try to put them back where you found them if you don’t purchase – there is nothing worse than looking for a size only to find it half way around the shop on your way out the door!

It makes life easier for other shoppers and for the staff who have to tidy the shop floor.


This time of year we have to deal with pelting rain, frost, wind etc. and of course everyone is in a rush. Road rage takes over sometimes!

Let someone out if they are edging out – I am a believer if you do this, someone else will do it for you when you need to get out out onto the road.

Don’t be honking horns at the traffic lights if it takes someone longer to get started – perhaps their car has cut out or maybe they are a learner-driver or an elderly person. Are you in that much of a rush?

Take your time too – with all the deaths on our roads will you just stop and think for a minute…is there a need to be breaking speed limits? Most of the time you will end up in traffic anyway so what’s the point rushing to be just one car ahead?

Treat those who look after you:

Have you a favourite hairdresser or beautician? I certainly do and lord knows only for my hairdresser I would be a right state! Bring them a little gift at Christmas – a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine is a nice way to say thank you and they will really appreciate it too.

That’s it ladies, go forth and shop and remember, you will never regret being kind.

Tanya x