Looking good in the sun!

Hey there,

How’s everyone? I received  lots of messages last week from ladies asking about holiday fashion and tanning ideas. Wow, is it that time of the year already? I’m not too jealous of ye ladies heading away to warmer climates! 😎

So this evening I’ll answer the ladies who asked about tanning and prepping your skin for the sun.


January 2015 in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand…no filter! #amazingmemories

I am going to be very honest first and admit to using sun-beds in the past before I went away on holidays. When I say ‘using them’,  I mean only a few times before holidays and only to get the very ‘pastey look’ off my skin. The last time I used a sun-bed was before my wedding in 2013 for 2 reasons…I didn’t want to wear tan on my wedding day (to avoid getting my dress stained) and I didn’t want to be pale as a ghost as I was heading away on honeymoon 2 days later. Now I want to be clear and let you know that I am certainly not advocating the use of sun-beds as they have very high potential to cause skin cancer and can accelerate the effects of ageing, such as wrinkling, sagging and broken blood vessels.  It was a personal choice I made at the time. Similar to cigarettes and alcohol and all the other bad things we are told not to do, they are freely available –  it’s up to each individual if they choose to use them, and of course I do regret it but that was something I chose to do at the time. My blog-posts are honest and transparent so there is no point telling you about all the products I’ve been using since I started going on sun holidays. I probably need a slap on the back of the hand for my boldness…but I’m thinking I’m not the only one who used them.

I am fortunate though that I do tan quickly when I am in the sun but unfortunate to find that tan leaves my skin very quickly on my return home…I can practically see it washing down the plug-hole after each shower! 🙈

Nowadays (not that I am older, wiser and wrinklier!), I opt for a gradual self-tanning moisturiser before I go away. I know alot of people choose a spray-tan before they head to the sun. I got one a couple of years ago before a sun holiday to Portugal, but never again. Between the heat of the sun and the chlorine of the pool and the sea salt, you can only imagine what I looked like after a few days – streak city! I would have relatively dry skin though, so if you have normal skin you won’t end up looking like me!

A few weeks before you head on holidays, I would recommend you use a body brush before you shower. This is used on dry skin. Brush in upward strokes towards the heart to circulate the blood flow. This will remove any old flaky skin too. When you jump into the shower use an exfoliator scrub which removes dead skin cells and any little lumps and bumps and will prep your skin. After your shower lash on lots of your favourite body moisturiser.

My scrub of choice is Tough Stuff Scrub by Cocoa Brown…I swear by this! Available in most pharmacies, supermarkets and Penneys.


Tough Stuff Scrub & Body Brush

My favourite gradual tanning product is: Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze.

You apply a thin layer each night for about 3 days before your holiday  – you won’t be mega brown but you won’t be the obvious white Irish person on the beach either. You will have a lovely sun-kissed glow!


My fave gradual tanning product – Gentle Bronze by Cocoa Brown

Again similar to the body, I tan my face a few days before holidays too – I like to add a few drops of Clarins Radiance Golden Glow Booster to my normal moisturiser and that gives my skin a nice glow. Again, you’re not gonna look like an oompa loompa with this! Just remember one thing with body and face gradual tans…wash your hands after applying. Nothing worse than orange palms!


Add 2 drops to your normal moisturiser.

While on holidays I always use Factor 50 on my face in the sun – I already have sun spots on my skin from my years of baking in the sun (and from the sun-beds too) so the damage is already done, but I guess I am trying to prevent more. AS2

I use the Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream, Factor 50…I don’t wear make up during the day on holidays but I do like to cover all the imperfections and believe me there’s a fair few! So while you are protecting your face with factor 50 you also feel like you have some coverage.

A floppy hat and a good pair of sunglasses are a necessity – Of course these will protect your eyes and your face from the UV rays…but also hide your tired eyes after a few too many late nights and cocktails!

I am prone to cold-sore break outs too when I’m in the sun or when stressed or tired. I have been using Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 45 for the past few years when on holiday on my lips. I also take Lysine supplements before holidays too, which you can pick up in any health shop.


My favourite suncream is Piz Buin – it’s very moisturising and some bottles have built in a tan pro-longing agent in it too. It’s a little bit more expensive than the  other suncreams but definitely worth the investment. Sometimes they run offers on this brand in supermarkets and chemists – 2 for 1 etc. so keep your eyes open. Regarding which factor to use, it really depends how fair/dark your skin is, so if you are unsure ask the pharmacist in the chemist.


Last year I thought we would be clever heading to Thailand and I would buy our sun-cream out there.  After our luggage remained in Abu Dhabi for 2 days (not too stressful!!) we headed to the open air market to buy our suncream and some towels…not one of my better ideas – take it from me…never again. Let’s just say we weren’t the two ‘Pastey Paddies’, we were the two reddened lobsters! I’d honestly say there was zero factor in it! We spent 2 days putting pure Aloe Vera gel on each other and before you think ‘ooooh very sexy’, I can assure you it wasn’t!! haha

Anyway lesson learned there…stick to what you know and buy the branded sun-cream you are familiar with.

I hope this helps and if anyone has room in their suitcase for a little one…I’m ready for off!

Tanya x

Sunday’s big saving!

Hey there ladies,

Such a terrible weekend of weather ☔️🌂 and it’s now Sunday night…but yippee for me, I’m off tomorrow! (It’s all great now but it won’t be so much fun on Friday when I realise I’m working Saturday morning but I guess it’ll keep me out of the shops which is a saving in itself!)

Just a short post this evening about a fabulous gift idea I spotted in Boots for €36 – The Hidden Gems Beauty Discovery set.


These are some of Boots best sellers and when I tell you this one gift idea will save you a fortune, don’t just take my word…I sat here in front of a roaring fire and researched each and every item for you and it’s individual price. Take a look for yourself!

No.7 Midnight Lash Mascara – €18.50

Lipcote – €4

L’oreal Super Liner, Perfect Slim – €7.99

Stila Lip Gloss – €20

Nails Inc Top coat – €15

Ciate Nail Polish – €10

Revlon Vernis Polish – €8.99

Tangle Teaser Hairbrush – €15.99

Sample bottle of Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

These are all full size products (except for the freebie perfume) – this is a perfect gift idea, or a gift for yourself 😉 as it has the everyday essentials we all love.

You can buy it online here, or pop into your nearest Boots store and the staff there will order if for you if its not in-store (there’s no additional charge for this great service).

Have a lovely week ladies and stay safe in this wild weather.

Love, T x 💖

Make time to prime!

Hey ladies,

Where did that week go? November is here and it’s all Christmas chatter – I spied the Brown Thomas Christmas window unveiled today and it’s stunning! So the countdown is on til the big man in red brings our goodies…c’mon we’re never too old for treats! I had such a busy week but it’s all good, hence the reason Thursday’s Tip arriving Friday!! Better late than never I suppose…

If you noticed yesterday I posted a photo of an illuminating powder that I have been lusting after for ages, Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm…it’s my sisters glowy secret! (well not any more with her gabber-box sister here telling everyone!) It’s available to buy here on Cloud 10 Beauty and I can’t wait to shimmer and illuminate tomorrow night!


The post led onto a conversation about primer which I must admit is something I’ve only started using over the last couple of years so I was no real expert on it! I tagged my sister Lorraine as she is an MUA and beauty therapist for nearly 18 years! Not only is she my absolute best friend, she’s the biggest make up junkie I know and uses everything from an Essence lip liner to Dior air-brush foundation! I can honestly say my make-up bag practically mimics hers as she looks flawless all the time. If you think I never leave the house without make up, you would want to meet her –  I’d say she puts it on in the middle of the night if she has to get up to go the toilet! She is truly an expert in the field of beauty and is a genius with a make up brush of any kind. I kid you not when I tell you I actually witnessed her put a set of fake lashes on with a butter knife while sitting in a restaurant at my hen party! Yes, the lady in question still has eye-balls and the lashes never moved an inch all night!! True story. Ok that’s enough bigging her up…I might get some free treatments now next weekend when I’m home 😉

So my suggestions for primers are Porefessional by Benefit and Smashbox Photo Finish.



So the tip is to always prime after your moisturiser has soaked in.

Anyway, Lorraine pointed out all the benefits of primer as follows:

“Primer is definitely a must and I would have to agree with my big sis Tanya that Smashbox is  one of the best! The idea behind primer is that it conceals, smoothes, matifies, minimises the appearance of pores and smoothes out your skin tone, as well as providing a base for your make up to help it stay in place for longer. A more affordable primer I would HIGHLY recommend would be the Botanics Radiance Balm from Boots. For anyone that is a lover of Mac and uses their Strobe Cream, this is definitely the dupe of it and is about a quarter of the price. I’m using it everyday on my skin and find it’s amazing”.


There you go ladies. With party season looming, you need to get yourself a primer if you want your make up to last into the early hours.

Have a super duper weekend! I’m off to a Black Tie Ball tomorrow night so follow me over on snap-chat! I’ll keep ye entertained with my preparation…which actually started yesterday haha

Love, T x 💖

Me, Lorraine & Mary-Lou (photo in background was taken 4 years ago long before Mary Lou joined the sister-hood!) 😊


These boots are made for walking!

Hey there ladies,

How’s your Saturday night and your Halloween going? The height of my face painting was a face mask I threw on earlier…I look no better by the way and I’ll be drinking the toxins back in when I finish this post and pour a glass of wine for myself! I was trans-fixed earlier to Tess Daly’s hair on Strictly Come Dancing and now I’m loving Cheryl’s eye make-up on X Factor…oh lord it’s Winter isn’t it? When these programmes start it always means we’re on the countdown to Christmas…and it means my life is pathetic sitting here watching them! Haha! Well I won’t be here next Saturday night as I’m out on the town at The Galway Chamber of Commerce Gala Ball and I’m super excited about that as the company I work for is up for an award. The following Saturday night I won’t be here either but I will keep you updated on that adventure too 😉

So getting back to the topic in question…I had planned to write a blog post about Winter boots and was waiting ’til I found the perfect pair! Every year I search for a boot to get me through the chilly weather and I have a list of criteria they must adhere to – they must be comfy enough to walk long distance in (not just ‘car to bar’ as I need them to be my ‘day boots’), a heel is a must being 5 foot nothing, they must be wide enough that I can stuff my skinny jeans in, but not too wide that they will look like wellies when I wear a skirt/dress!! Well now there’s all that…and I gotta find them in a size 3…not too difficult eh?

With everything taken into consideration, I trawled the streets and the internet and finally found these in River Island and I love them! They’re the perfect height for me and they have a little fringed tassel which is bang on trend this Winter too.



As for road-testing them, don’t get me started. If you noticed on Snapchat/Facebook I was in Dublin last weekend and we stayed in The Castleknock Hotel. After my sight-seeing venture with the in-laws and my 2 hour run around the shops I decided to get the bus out to the hotel by myself while everyone else was gulping pints in The Guinness Storehouse! I asked the bus driver to let me know which stop was closest to the hotel and by God if I got hold of him now…well, there are no words! He told me to get off at a stop that was, no joke, 4km from the hotel. It was getting dark as the clocks had just gone back, a mouse popped out of the ditch and scared the bejesus outta me and I ended up on some random ‘country road’ in Castleknock  and you ask me did I walk that distance in these boots? No is the answer, I RAN!!!

So yes, these boots are made for walking and running too if you fancy it!!

I’m not surprised the black ones are sold out on the River Island website but don’t fret I found them for you here on asos a slight bit more expensive €58 (I paid €50)

They’re also available in a light brown colour pictured below  here in River Island – €50.


Enjoy the rest of your Saturday night ladies.

T x 💖