Oven-Glove Love

Like me, do you lash on your make up every day without thinking of the poor aul brush? Only recently I lost my favourite Blank Canvas foundation brush (The F20 – this really is the holy grail of brushes in my opinion)  Even the mighty St. Anthony was at a loss where it went – to say I was distraught was actually an under-statement but with no joy finding it, I had to revert back to my 2nd favourite foundation brush, the Mac 187 Duo Fibre brush. As I hadn’t used the Mac brush in quite a while, I thought I better give it a little wash. (this is something I must admit I am very bad at doing on a regular basis!)

I had previously researched the Sigma brush-cleaning glove which you can purchase online from €27 but, for once I was ‘sensible’ with my money! I thought for something I won’t use very often (shame on me!) it’s a bit of a splurge for what really is just a silicone glove with lumps!

So armed with my dirty foundation brush,  I was off to the kitchen to find what I knew was the perfect dupe – my ‘Knorr’ oven-glove! Yes, I did say oven- glove!

Glove - oven

My oven glove!

Oven gloves - the lot

The Autumn/Winter Collection oven gloves from Penneys!

But don’t worry ladies if you don’t have my ‘designer’ Knorr oven glove (haha, I think I got it free from a rep – this is the kind of freebie junk this amateur blogger gets!) I found you a very similar oven-glove in Penneys (pictured above) for only €2 and if you never clean a brush, won’t it be grand for taking the lasagne dish or the shepherd’s pie outta the oven! And they come in lots of colours too….to match your kitchen (eh, hands up who has a fuschia pink kitchen??!!)

So what else do you need? Hot water and baby shampoo or baby wash (as it’s nice and mild)

Glove - Shampoo

Also Penneys €2

So all you have to do is place some hot water in a small bowl (this is better than using the sink as it’s such a pain cleaning the make-up residue from around the sink afterwards and I’m all for an easy life!)

To clean the brush, pop  a small amount of shampoo onto the glove, then wet the brush head by dipping it in your bowl of water.  Rub the brush up and down the glove – the little bumps on the glove will create a friction to clean your brush – rinse and repeat until there is no make-up left on your brush.  Squeeze out the excess water and gently towel dry the brush and reshape the bristles.

Glove sink

Leave the brush to dry naturally overnight on a ledge (over the edge of a window-sill/locker is a good idea) DO NOT stand the brush with the bristles upright as any remaining water will seep into the shaft of the brush and loosen the hairs!

There are a few benefits of cleaning your brushes this way!

  1. It’s not a huge chore anymore as this is a very speedy way to clean your brushes.
  2. It’s certainly cheap (it could even be free for some of you mums who already have the baby shampoo. Some of ye may already have a silicone oven glove as well – if not, get yourselves to Penneys –  they sell the baby shampoo there too – that place is jus the biz these days!)
  3. It gives your brushes a deep clean as the lather works deeper into the bristles of your brushes.
  4. You can also clean your eye-shadow brushes and your lip brushes at the same time!

So now ladies, no excuses…get cleaning your brushes or get cooking or go and wash the babies! Who knew these every day items could be so versatile…just little ole me 🙂

Have a great week.

Tanya heart