But first…foundation!


Hi ladies,

It’s Friday and it’s a 3 day weekend…woohoo!

This evening I wanted to write a short blog-post about choosing your foundation. These days we are all glued to our favourite bloggers and you-tube tutorials and we feel we ‘need’ to have the foundation they recommend. Of course, hands up, I am as guilty as the rest and I am as easily led, but I have to say I am a little bit more cautious about just running out and buying the latest ‘must-have’ one!

Consider a few of the below points before you buy a new foundation…

Age: Are you the same age as the person promoting the foundation? I remember when I was in my 20’s I could slap any type of foundation on my skin and it looked flawless (well I thought it did anyway). As we get older our skin changes and we may be looking for a different type of coverage (gone are the days of the Max Factor pan-stick  rolled all over our faces!! Oh the good old ‘Nouveau Beige’!).

Skin type:  Remember different foundations are suitable for different skin types so just because it suits one person, it may not suit you.  Any beautician will carry out a skin analysis for you, so just ask the next time you are in a salon.

Marketing: Lots of bloggers, make-up artists and tv programmes are paid to promote a specific foundation they receive from PR companies. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing as they are just another marketing tool that companies use, similar to placing an advert in a glossy magazine, but more effective these days. I would suggest that you follow this person’s blog for a little longer and see if they continue to use the product and then you will see the transparency. Is it just an advertising campaign they are paid to do or a product they genuinely do love?


So the reason I am writing this blog is because I recently purchased the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation  – of course it’s constantly mentioned by all the top bloggers and make-up artists and that’s how it came on my radar a few months ago. But I did my research on it and I do see alot of beauty bloggers continuously wearing it, so I thought I’d give it a whirl! (If it’s good enough for Pippa, Marissa Carter, Triona McCarthy, but to name a few, it’s worth a try)

Since I mentioned I got it though, I have had so many people asking me what it’s like, saying they are going to buy it and asking me what shade I bought as they will buy the same!! Eh, hang onto your purse for a minute…we are not all clones of me!! God help us all if we were! 😂

Before you fork out your well- earned cash I’ve listed a a few tips on ‘how to buy foundation’ and this applies to all brands and budgets!

  1. Decide firstly if the foundation you are going to buy will be an every-day foundation . At this price (€45 for Giorgio Armani) it won’t be for me! I wear make-up every single day and I couldn’t justify the price of replacing it frequently. That’s a very important factor to consider – the price!
  2. If it’s a night-time/occasion-wear only foundation, you could likely be wearing tan too, so remember that when choosing your shade. Now, you don’t want a big dark head but maybe a half shade or one shade darker than your day-time make-up.
  3. I NEVER test foundation on my arm/wrist/back of my hand….sure why would I? I don’t wear foundation there? Do you? And your skin tone and texture is totally different. If testing foundation on yourself, put a small amount along your jaw-line.
  4. If you don’t already know this, you can book a full make-up application at most of the department stores make-up counters which is free with the purchase of 2 products. So if you are going to an event why don’t you do that? Then you get the face done and you can buy  the foundation and maybe the lippy to top up during the day/night. It will cost a bit more than getting a make-up application done in a beauty salon, but you do leave with 2 products.
  5. Alternatively, you can ask for a small amount to be put on your face and then maybe go off for an hour and review how it looks before you buy. If you don’t have time to do this, most make-up counters give out samples so don’t be afraid to ask…’try before you buy!’ I can’t stress how important it is to check out your foundation in natural daylight. Department store/pharmacy lighting can either be dimmed down/too bright so after application you should walk towards the door with a mirror – the girls on the counter will give you one!


Finally, this is my top tip and what I did when buying my foundation. I brought the foundations I currently use into the Giorgio Armani counter to do a colour match. These are ones I always use and re-purchase, so I know I am happy with the colour. My every-day foundation is the L’oreal Colour Match and my ‘going out’ foundation is the Lancome Visionnaire (hard to beat,  I might add). The make-up artist popped a blob of each of my foundations on a make-up pallet and then we colour matched the most suitable Armani Luminous Silk shade to those and then I popped it on my face to confirm I was happy with it. Turns out my colour is 3.5 and it’s perfect for me.



I have to say so far I am loving it. It has buildable natural -looking coverage and while I can’t say it has a ‘dewy’ finish on my dry skin it certainly is ‘glowy’! You would know upon application it is a higher-end brand as it applies seamlessly and moves easily on the skin.  I wore it last Sunday during the day (on a very tired head, so it was hard to review it then) and I did wear it one of the days this week to work to see how long lasting it was, and I must say I was very impressed. It was roughly slopped on at 6.15am and still looked pretty good at 7pm (without any top-up). I have a  few night’s out planned  for May so it’ll be well road-tested then!

Remember you don’t have to spend the world on your foundation – find one that suits your needs, your budget and your skin type and always try before you buy!

Have a fabulous weekend x

T 💖 x 13081953_10207413694793409_1649392965_n


Cleanin’ out my closet – Part 1

Hello there,

Well the title of my blog comes from a man who I’d say never cleaned out his closet in his life. Mind you, the lyrics of Eminem’s songs were a bit mad and it was fairly difficult to decipher what the hell was going on in his head (his closet)! It was nothing to do with his messy wardrobe, I’m fairly sure of that!

So many people say to me ‘oh I need a big clear-out’ or ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ or ‘my wardrobe is bursting, but I can’t find anything’. There are 2 problems I always find – one is that we are a nation of ‘clothes hoarders’ and just keep packing the wardrobes. The other is that we don’t store items properly, therefore we can’t actually see what we have, so it’s no surprise we can’t find what we are looking for! And then all we have is just loadsa ‘stuff’ everywhere!

imageI’m going to write two blog posts over the next few days to try to combat these 2 problems – one is about storage ideas, the other about wardrobe de-cluttering. When we moved into our new house before Christmas I swore I was going to get some ‘law and order’ on my wardrobe and try to create more space by using up empty space with good storage ideas. Mind you when I said I was writing this blog-post I was met with ‘well I hope you practice what you preach!’

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate clutter and there’s a bit of a Monika going on with me sometimes! That doesn’t mean I’m always the tidiest but my motto is,  ‘There’s a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place’. 

Right, we will start with storage and not just your wardrobe, but in general around your bedroom and bathroom where us girlies tend to let things pile up! And don’t worry I am not going to be recommending a new set of slide-robes or a trip to your nearest furniture shop! Just a few easy steps.

Hanging clothes: This is very important to keep them in shape. These hangers are from Penneys and a bargain at €3.90 at the moment, normally €5 – Of course we all have the wire hangers from the dry-cleaners but you know girls these are not good for our clothes – if you invest in some good clothes, invest in good hangers too. It’s ok to fold clothes too like jeans, tee-shirts etc but your dresses, blazers, coats and good jumpers should be hung. Piling stuff up on the floor is a no-no….Floordrobes, seriously?! C’mon pick them up and hang them up, or put them away. It only takes a few minutes.


Belts & scarves: Bane of my life. I have so many belts (god know why as I  rarely wear one  – they just come with things) And as for scarves, don’t get me started…when we moved house the question was asked ‘Who has a suitcase of scarves?’ Eh…that would be me. Again hang these…see some ideas in the images below. Or you could use those plastic containers with lids which you can buy most homeware or toy stores. It’s important to put them where you can reach them….not on top of your wardrobe as the likelihood is you will pull down the box, throw the lid on the ground and run off and leave it there – make sure boxes like these are easily accessible for your height.


Great for belts – buy in Penneys.


For scarves: this opens out into 12 loops…might need a few of these hangers!

Jewellery: This box is the biz from Homestore & More – I bought it recently for earrings and it’s just so handy as you can see everything – I think it was €5/€6. Thcy have a huge amount of storage products so check out their website here. I need a few more though! 🙈 I keep my other jewellery in one large tattered cardboard box I bought in Dunnes years ago, but at least everything is together.


These collapsible jewellery organisers are also from Penneys if you prefer to hang your jewellery.


That empty space in the bottom of your wardrobe.  Oh I hate it…what a waste! Unless you put in a lower rail it’s just usually filled with shoes etc.  I bought these storage boxes – the bigger one on the left is from Homestore & More (buy it here) and it’s still on sale, (the other one I have for years). I have my ‘every day work preparation essentials’ in it – make up, hair dryer and straightener – so I just pull it out in the morning and I have everything to hand! Throw them back in, put it back in the wardrobe, close the wardrobe and off I  go and everything is together for the next morning. The other one is for socks and underwear until I get my chest of drawers.


Ikea storage boxes. Of course I have more ‘stuff ‘ than what was in that little plastic locker and thankfully the wardrobe in our spare room has some really large built-in drawers so I purchased these little space savers in Ikea – I try to put some organisation on them – one is for hair products, other for make up, perfumes etc. – I know it looks muddled but it’s organised…kinda organised chaos but I know where everything is!

Buy them here – €7 for 6 boxes

imageBaskets. These are so handy to keep your skincare products at hand if you don’t have much storage space in your bathroom and they are so pretty too. I spotted these lovely ones in Penneys, but you can also pick up affordable ones in Dunnes and Heatons too – these 2 were just €6 for the pair. If you have children, you could also use them to store their little bits and bobs…I saw some on a baby-changing table recently for holding nappies, powders, creams and all those little essentials you need to have close by.


Jars. I made over 100 of these jars before my wedding to hold tea-lights and they are now in the homes of my friends and family. They were super-easy to make as I bought a huge roll of lace for €7 and that covered all those jars, plus I bought a large string of pearls and they were around €5. So you can imagine how much they would cost if you were only to make a small amount – all the jars are empty mayonnaise, beetroot and salsa jars which people kindly gave me (all the salsa jars were ours…like how much salsa did we eat the year of the wedding? 😂 ) Now I used them to hold cotton-wool/buds, my make up brushes, spare buttons etc. and they look so pretty.


I never got one of these little cosmetic organisers – they were sold out in every Penneys within 24 hours apparently! They will be re-stocked again in 2 weeks so keep your peepers peeled and keep me informed too!



So that’s it ladies, I’m certainly not saying my house is in anyway organised…it’s soooo not and there are still boxes to be unpacked everywhere since we moved. I hope these little storage saving ideas will help you.

Have a fun weekend.

T x 💖


Oven-Glove Love

Like me, do you lash on your make up every day without thinking of the poor aul brush? Only recently I lost my favourite Blank Canvas foundation brush (The F20 – this really is the holy grail of brushes in my opinion)  Even the mighty St. Anthony was at a loss where it went – to say I was distraught was actually an under-statement but with no joy finding it, I had to revert back to my 2nd favourite foundation brush, the Mac 187 Duo Fibre brush. As I hadn’t used the Mac brush in quite a while, I thought I better give it a little wash. (this is something I must admit I am very bad at doing on a regular basis!)

I had previously researched the Sigma brush-cleaning glove which you can purchase online from €27 but, for once I was ‘sensible’ with my money! I thought for something I won’t use very often (shame on me!) it’s a bit of a splurge for what really is just a silicone glove with lumps!

So armed with my dirty foundation brush,  I was off to the kitchen to find what I knew was the perfect dupe – my ‘Knorr’ oven-glove! Yes, I did say oven- glove!

Glove - oven

My oven glove!

Oven gloves - the lot

The Autumn/Winter Collection oven gloves from Penneys!

But don’t worry ladies if you don’t have my ‘designer’ Knorr oven glove (haha, I think I got it free from a rep – this is the kind of freebie junk this amateur blogger gets!) I found you a very similar oven-glove in Penneys (pictured above) for only €2 and if you never clean a brush, won’t it be grand for taking the lasagne dish or the shepherd’s pie outta the oven! And they come in lots of colours too….to match your kitchen (eh, hands up who has a fuschia pink kitchen??!!)

So what else do you need? Hot water and baby shampoo or baby wash (as it’s nice and mild)

Glove - Shampoo

Also Penneys €2

So all you have to do is place some hot water in a small bowl (this is better than using the sink as it’s such a pain cleaning the make-up residue from around the sink afterwards and I’m all for an easy life!)

To clean the brush, pop  a small amount of shampoo onto the glove, then wet the brush head by dipping it in your bowl of water.  Rub the brush up and down the glove – the little bumps on the glove will create a friction to clean your brush – rinse and repeat until there is no make-up left on your brush.  Squeeze out the excess water and gently towel dry the brush and reshape the bristles.

Glove sink

Leave the brush to dry naturally overnight on a ledge (over the edge of a window-sill/locker is a good idea) DO NOT stand the brush with the bristles upright as any remaining water will seep into the shaft of the brush and loosen the hairs!

There are a few benefits of cleaning your brushes this way!

  1. It’s not a huge chore anymore as this is a very speedy way to clean your brushes.
  2. It’s certainly cheap (it could even be free for some of you mums who already have the baby shampoo. Some of ye may already have a silicone oven glove as well – if not, get yourselves to Penneys –  they sell the baby shampoo there too – that place is jus the biz these days!)
  3. It gives your brushes a deep clean as the lather works deeper into the bristles of your brushes.
  4. You can also clean your eye-shadow brushes and your lip brushes at the same time!

So now ladies, no excuses…get cleaning your brushes or get cooking or go and wash the babies! Who knew these every day items could be so versatile…just little ole me 🙂

Have a great week.

Tanya heart