A box of Sunshine 😎☀️

Hey ladies,

Another weekend nearly over! Don’t they just go by too quickly? It was a strange weekend for me…I planned to to do so much like organise our new house, unpack boxes and basically stop living out of a suitcase but then I got hit with a cough/cold so I didn’t venture very far or do very much. I did make a ‘few’ online purchases in the Black Friday sales and start my Christmas shopping 😊 It’ll take more than an aul cold or Storm Clodagh to stop me! Mind you, I was supposed to buy a tumble dryer and completely forgot…oh well, I guess with more clothes that means I won’t need to be drying so frequently! Don’t know if Colin will agree with my theory on it though…so ooops I’m just breaking it to you here before you get home from work!

Party season is fast approaching (started in some cases) and between dresses, hair, make up etc. it can work out a costly affair…that’s before we get our hands on the cocktail list!!

I’m a bit of a sucker for the big brand beauty products, but sometimes I think it’s just the packaging and hype surrounding them that reels me in…you would never think I work in sales and marketing as I’m the biggest eejit when he comes to advertising and fall for the sales pitch every time at the beauty counters.


I’ve been a huge fan of the boxes of powder from Benefit over the years and some of my friends laugh as I actually use the full box…some of them have boxes they bought 5 years ago with only a slight brush taken outta them! Ah girls will you use it!

The Hoopla bronzer has always been a firm favourite in my make up bag…a little dust across the face wherever the ‘sun hits’ and I’m a bronzed goddess…yea right more like a browned-off Paddy! Anyway I love it for just making me feel that little bit healthier cos God knows I’m a pale-face the majority of the time.


€27.50 is a bit on the expensive side, but it does last ages and unlike some bronzers it never breaks in the box.

Anyway, I found this little pot of bronzer from W7 in Cara Pharmacy  in Galway (oh my gosh, this is THE best chemist for beauty lovers – you can also buy online) and it’s a dead ringer for the Benefit Hoopla.


It’s called Honolulu – it’s in the same pretty box packaging, same brush included (which I never use) and most importantly the bronzing powder is identical in colour and texture. Both bronzers look dark but you just need to use a small amount on your bronzer brush, tap off the excess and lightly apply…a little goes a long way. You can always go heavier if you want to be darker but don’t lash it on …no one likes that Oompa Loompa look (even as we approach that annual Christmas film!)

imageOh and the price difference I hear you ask? €24!! This little box of bronzer is a mere €3.50 – sure now there’s excuse for not bronzing up!

Have a great week ladies and mind yourself when out and about in that bad weather.

T x