Beauty and more…in the baby aisle!

Hi ladies…happy weekend x

Hopefully you all read my recent blog post ‘Oven-Glove Love’ which featured baby shampoo and an oven glove – a strange combination I am sure you are thinking  – if you missed it just click here.

I received lots of messages and snap chats since telling me it was a great tip and that I should post weekly beauty/fashion tips, so watch this space as I will be posting ‘Tips from T on a Thursday‘ on guess what day?? haha.

I know it’s Saturday but one of my oldest, bestest friends and a scrummy, yummy mummy Maria (just to clarify ‘old’ as in friends since we were 3 years of age, not ‘old’ as in age cos she is getting younger looking by the day and we are forever young!) sent me a photo today of a tube of baby lotion with a message that said ‘This is the best hand cream ever!’

Tube baby loion

It got me thinking about how Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion has been in bathroom cabinets around our Irish houses for years – we always had it at home and I can’t recall who used it but it was always there! Even when we were teenagers, it was still hanging around…I must root the next time I am home and I bet there is another one there now!

Now I have it in my own bathroom cabinet  and I use it every day…and no, not on a baby!

Johnsons Baby lotion

In the last few months my skin has become quite sensitive (auld age I’m thinking) so I decided to move away from my usual cleanser and toner just to try a few other brands, but that wasn’t one of my better ideas as my skin was going crazy as I slathered lotions with all sorts of ingredients in them onto my poor aul mug.

It was only one day 2 months ago I was shopping in Super Valu that I ended up walking through the baby aisle and I spotted the baby lotion – I thought to myself  ‘if this is for babies it has to be mild and gentle so should not react with my skin’.  From that that day to this, I have been using the baby lotion as a cleanser and my skin has resumed to it’s usual state of normality – now, if only it could erase wrinkles too haha (Note to the R&D teams at Johnson & Johnson if you are reading this!!!)

It’s inexpensive, around €3 and the smell is so lovely…it leaves my skin as soft as a baby’s bum…now that’s some comparison!

Mind you, that’s not all I use it for…

  1. Bag cleaner – who gets little make up ‘paw prints’ all over their leather/pleather bags? C’mon hands up! ME!! Pop a small dollop of lotion on a cotton wool pad and literally cleanse your bag – just patch test a small area first to check no colour rubs off. I have used it on my Michael Kors bag and it cleans up perfectly every-time! So no need for faddy expensive cleaners – lord knows the bag cost enough!
  2. Hair straighteners – same as above – make-up finger prints can be easily rubbed off and sometimes I wipe over the heat plates too (when cool of course) and that cleans off any hair product residue that may have built up.
  3. Hand lotion (per Maria) it’s the biz!
  4. If you run out of hair serum, rub a small bit between your fingers and use it to tame the fly-aways or the fuzz!
  5. Slather all over your feet, heat your socks in the microwave or on a radiator and then leave the socks on for a few hours while you sit back and relax…and drink wine! (Drinking wine is not a necessity but babies always have their bottle of white so why can’t we…I’m not saying you need to drink a bottle!)

So that’s it ladies, why should babies get all the good stuff?

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy watching all our boys in green tomorrow!

Oh, and let me know if you have any other uses for baby lotion.

Tanya x heart