Body Beautiful – Splurge or Save?

If you’re like me, you will just want to jump out of the shower, get dried and dressed! Moisturising your body is such a pain but if you don’t want to feel like a sheet of sand-paper I suggest you get slathering your body!

It’s said that we should moisturise our skin more in the Winter as we yank up the heat in the car, work-place and in the house but it’s as important to keep it well moisturised during the ‘warmer months’ (do we even get these?) as we expose our skin (not to any sun) to our favourite product as Irish women…fake tan! And if anything will dry out your skin, the fake tan will do it! So keep the bods moisturised ladies and your skin will thank you!


Below are my 2 favourite Body Moisturisers.

If you are splurging: Kiehls Creme de Corps

I decided to treat myself to this as a pre-wedding splurge over 2 years ago and it was a treat I truly stand over! I read it was a celebrity favourite and sure then, like the big sucker I am, I was sold!

Kiehls is an American brand and this body moisturising cream is one of their cult products. It does exactly what it says…it transforms flaky, dry skin into hydrated, glowy glossy -looking skin. It has a non greasy formula too so it dries into the skin quickly which is a great plus as there’s nothing worse than that sticky feel under your clothes.  It’s also unscented so won’t conflict with your perfume. If you want to splurge…it’s well worth it!

125ml €19.50, 250ml €31.50, 500ml €53.00.

Available in Arnotts here or Kiehls Store, 35 Wicklow St. Dublin


If you are saving: Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil Lotion

This is is now my every-day moisturiser (every-day as in every day I’m in the mood to moisturise). I first started using it when I spotted it last year on offer in Tesco for €3-4 approx.

Garnier are well renowned for their hydrating body moisturisers and this one is no exception. The loveliness about the one is that it has the hydrating qualities of a moisturising cream  with the luxurious feel of an oil. It’s fabulous over fake-tan especially on the legs as it has a really nice sheen finish. Also, like the Kiehls it has a pump head – there’s nothing worse than squeezing a bottle of moisturiser with hands already greasy with moisturiser, or digging into a pot and getting more under your nails than on your hand…I know this seems like trivial stuff but when you’re in a hurry it’s just pump, rub and go!


This moisturise is available in all chemists, supermarkets and I spotted it in Penneys only  last week too for €3.30!

So that’s it ladies…Sunday’s Splurge or Save…it’s up to you!

Both of these will ensure your skin is soft and supple and dare I say it…sexy too! 😉

Is there any body moisturiser you recommend?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening.

T x 💖
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