Kindess is always in style

Hey there,

I am so bold recently and haven’t written an actual blog-post since mid October. I have been really busy at work the past few months which is great, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. Although I haven’t been blogging I haven’t totally neglected ye, nd I hope I am still keeping you all entertained posting my daily fashion fixes, funnies and life’s little adventures!

This isn’t a new post either (I’m re-posting a blog I wrote last year). I have a good few new followers this year so apologies to anyone who read it last year, but maybe it’s no harm reading it again! Being the day that’s in it, ‘National Culchie Shopping Day’ as I like to call it, it’s important to share the same message this year and that is that ‘Kindess is always in style’.

7th December 2015

So here we are on the eve of what used to be the main shopping day of the year, the 8th of December…’Cuchies Day Out’ as we used to call it (and me being the biggest culchie going used to love heading off on the bus to Dublin to spend all my hard-earned babysitting money!) Then it was back home to mass…oops how times have changed!

I don’t think it’s as relevant nowadays as the madness and mayhem of Christmas shopping kicks in straight after Halloween and sure we are shopping all year ’round anyway…well I am anyway! Personally, I don’t stress too much over it at all. I try to sus out people in advance and generally have a list of gifts and stick to them. I do alot of my shopping online too as it’s a busy time at work for me so getting into the shops can be difficult – mind you, that’s no harm really as my biggest problem is getting distracted and buying gifts for myself…well you have to treat yourself too!!


To be honest it all gets a bit chaotic around this time of year with stressed out shoppers and drivers, bad weather and queues everywhere. It’s supposed to be a happy time and admit it, we all a bit contrary going around the shops rooting for the perfect gift? It’s not one bit like the movies!!! Everywhere is getting busier and everyone is limited with their time. It made me stop and think how we need to be generally nicer to each other when out shopping over the Christmas and embrace the season of goodwill.


I made a little list of rules for myself that I try to stick to and I wanted to share them with you  – it’s really a bit of ‘Shopping Etiquette!’


This is a stressful one as we watch shoppers with bags, praying they are putting them in the boot and going home…so we ‘car-stalk’ them  – yes, I am the one who follows you and your bags around the car-parks! haha.

But, don’t be a bully – if someone is indicating into a space don’t be sneaky trying to steal their spot.

Don’t ever, ever park in a family or disabled parking spot – they are closer to the door for a reason, so respect those who need the spaces.

Be careful when opening doors especially when it’s windy and you are holding bags of shopping –  don’t let the car door swing into the car beside you (this is a pet hate of mine and I have been known to scowl and give-out to culprits!).

If you have a parking ticket with time remaining on it, give it to the person who is taking your parking spot, it is of no use to you and it’s nice to be nice.

And lastly, watch out for the little shoppers – this time of year there are lots of kids visiting Santa in the shopping centres so be vigilant when driving around car-parks incase one of them might run out and always drive slowly.

Retail Staff:

As we roam around the shops do we ever think of the staff who are working? This time of year they work extra long hours and still have to face the January sales too, with many retail staff only off on Christmas Day. Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and wish them a nice Christmas too. If it’s not too busy have a little chat or pay them a compliment.

Don’t ever be rude as I’m sure they would like to reverse their role with you and spend the day shopping! And of course if you stop for coffee or lunch be nice to the waiting staff as they are also extra busy this time of year.


It’s nice when you only have a litre of milk to buy and someone in front of you with a ‘trolley-load’ lets you go ahead – think of that the next time you are grocery shopping with your ‘trolley-load’ and let the person with the ‘little load’ go first.

Also, if you are picking up clothes in the shops, try to put them back where you found them if you don’t purchase – there is nothing worse than looking for a size only to find it half way around the shop on your way out the door!

It makes life easier for other shoppers and for the staff who have to tidy the shop floor.


This time of year we have to deal with pelting rain, frost, wind etc. and of course everyone is in a rush. Road rage takes over sometimes!

Let someone out if they are edging out – I am a believer if you do this, someone else will do it for you when you need to get out out onto the road.

Don’t be honking horns at the traffic lights if it takes someone longer to get started – perhaps their car has cut out or maybe they are a learner-driver or an elderly person. Are you in that much of a rush?

Take your time too – with all the deaths on our roads will you just stop and think for a minute…is there a need to be breaking speed limits? Most of the time you will end up in traffic anyway so what’s the point rushing to be just one car ahead?

Treat those who look after you:

Have you a favourite hairdresser or beautician? I certainly do and lord knows only for my hairdresser I would be a right state! Bring them a little gift at Christmas – a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine is a nice way to say thank you and they will really appreciate it too.

That’s it ladies, go forth and shop and remember, you will never regret being kind.

Tanya x