When I met Pippa…

The day was Saturday, the time was 11am (of course we arrived late! yes, very last into the ballroom!) and the place was the stunning Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone. Of course you know already where I was last weekend…Pippa’s Fashion Factory. If you were following me on snap-chat I was keeping  you well updated throughout the day (hopefully not to the point of being obsessive) and to all the ladies who snapped me since thanking me for my full coverage of the event, I am glad you enjoyed it! Sure you practically saved €100 – I should’ve been like the sports channels and charged ‘pay per view’ haha!


First time I ever applied lashes on myself! Nearly stuck eyes together! 🙈



What I wore…Warehouse Jumpsuit

Anyway, the day kicked off with Pippa arriving on stage and giving us a full itinerary of the day’s events which sounded so exciting . We were all seated at round tables and there were 2 huge screens in place, so everyone had a perfect view of the stunning lady.  As you would only expect from one so stylish, she looked impeccable with her flawless hair and make-up and of course her outfit from River Island &  Warehouse was simply stunning…those shoes are on my wish-list.

imageFirst off, make up professional and model Tara O’Farrell carried out a complete make up look on the already gorgeous Laura Warren Treacy who works with Pippa. From primer to lashes she had us all glued to her! Using blank canvas brushes throughout the application and a mix of high-end and budget cosmetics (mostly budget you will be glad to hear) she achieved a beautiful finished look. Tara is another lady who is absolutely gorgeous and dare I say it but I think she is a ‘much prettier Roz Purcell look-alike’. Sorry Roz.

Tips from Tara:

  • Always use translucent powder – Laura Mercier Invisible Loose setting powder or Bourjois Java Rice Powder (the cheaper alternative)
  • If you think you don’t want lashes, think again…everyone needs a little lift and flutter!
  • Dealz is a great place for picking up a nude lip gloss (who would’ve thought?) – she bought 15 incase they sold out and she swears by it – the colour is ‘Nice & Nude’ and by the way it’s sold out now…well definitely in Galway! She recommends a nude pencil from Penneys make up range too- No.6

Then Pippa went through her own make up bag and skincare routine and here’s a few of her favourites.

  • Elemis Pro collagen cleansing balm
  • No.7 Eye make up remover
  • Bioderma micellar water
  • Stila One Step correct primer
  • A nude eye-liner to make your eyes pop…put it on the waterline.
  • The Pippa palette…well that’s a given!


I have her full list of skincare and make -up products written down so if you have any questions on other product she used, feel free to ask me! I’m framing the list!!

There was an hour break for afternoon tea which was delicious (and we may have had a glass of vino too)


Afternoon Tea at Hodson Bay Hotel

The second half of the day opened up with a fashion show featuring clothes from Oasis, Warehouse, Coast & River Island. There was one dress in Coast I am totally lusting after and the model got lots of ‘ooohs and aaahs’ as she sashayed around the Clonmacnoise Suite.

Dress coast

Then there was a hairdresser (I just can’t recall her name) who was just so lovely, advising on all hair tips and tricks and how to make curls quite quickly by putting your hair in a ponytail, curling sections with tongs and pinning it – very impressive (I spend my entire life straightening the curls out of my hair but it was still very interesting). There was lots of crowd interaction with questions flying up to Pippa and one girl was brought on stage and got her hair back-combed.

The hair tip I picked up was to use the L’Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Moisture Shampoo. Apparently normal shampoo is like washing your hair with dish washing liquid (eeeek) as it contains so much sulfates.


Finally, Pippa went through a rail of her wardrobe essentials, with many pieces from Zara and River Island. I’m quite sure she has a packed wardrobe and it would be impossible for her to show us it all, but this snap-shot was impressive to say the least.

All in all, it was such an enjoyable day. So many people have asked me since ‘What is she like…is she gorgeous, is she nice?’ And the answer is ‘Yes and yes’ . What you see is what you get, and what you get is someone beautiful on the inside and out.  For me one word describes Pippa and that is ‘endearing’. There was a humbleness you don’t always find with some celebrities and when she spoke on stage there was nearly a shyness. For a lady so successful with her business, she keeps it real too and that’s why I think we are drawn to her – she is a wife, a mum and she has had sad days too after losing her own mum.  At the end of the day when it’s all boiled down she is just like us…except she has AMAZING legs!!!


She spoke to every group and posed for photos before and after the show and although she is mid pregnancy and I assume pretty tired, she had a kind word and a genuine smile for each person. Of course, I told her about my little blog and how inspiring she is for me starting out …lord knows what I actually said as I went into a babbling, star-struck mess telling her I love her and Marissa Carter!! haha! Well I guess she will always remember me so if I ever get famous! (as if)



We left with lots of information, tips, shopping lists and a fab goody bag each but most of all I left with an impression of someone who is genuine and believable. If you weren’t lucky enough this time to get tickets, watch out for other upcoming dates around the country on pippa.ie


A day like Saturday is a fabulous girly day out and we carried on into the evening with a post-mortem on the whole day over a glass of wine in The Waterfront Bar at Hodson Bay Hotel, followed by dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in the whole country, the fabulous Kin Khao Thai Restaurant. Then it was onto Sean’s Bar to write our shopping lists for our new make-up bag contents and wardrobe.

Some of the girls I went with (you know who you are…my Coosan neighbour!) are now packing their make-up bags with Pippa’s recommendations, so we took her advice and we went forth and shopped! It’s Pippa’s shoes I want…maybe when she has the baby she won’t need to wear heels as often…I don’t think she is a size 2 though – pity, I’m sure she would’ve given them to me!

Sorry about the lengthy blog post but I wanted to fit everything in and I hope the photos are clear too as there were pink uplighters in the room so there’s a pink shadow on them all. I hope to get to a few of these events during the year and I hope they are as much fun!

Chat soon,

Tanya x 💖