Make time to prime!

Hey ladies,

Where did that week go? November is here and it’s all Christmas chatter – I spied the Brown Thomas Christmas window unveiled today and it’s stunning! So the countdown is on til the big man in red brings our goodies…c’mon we’re never too old for treats! I had such a busy week but it’s all good, hence the reason Thursday’s Tip arriving Friday!! Better late than never I suppose…

If you noticed yesterday I posted a photo of an illuminating powder that I have been lusting after for ages, Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm…it’s my sisters glowy secret! (well not any more with her gabber-box sister here telling everyone!) It’s available to buy here on Cloud 10 Beauty and I can’t wait to shimmer and illuminate tomorrow night!


The post led onto a conversation about primer which I must admit is something I’ve only started using over the last couple of years so I was no real expert on it! I tagged my sister Lorraine as she is an MUA and beauty therapist for nearly 18 years! Not only is she my absolute best friend, she’s the biggest make up junkie I know and uses everything from an Essence lip liner to Dior air-brush foundation! I can honestly say my make-up bag practically mimics hers as she looks flawless all the time. If you think I never leave the house without make up, you would want to meet her –  I’d say she puts it on in the middle of the night if she has to get up to go the toilet! She is truly an expert in the field of beauty and is a genius with a make up brush of any kind. I kid you not when I tell you I actually witnessed her put a set of fake lashes on with a butter knife while sitting in a restaurant at my hen party! Yes, the lady in question still has eye-balls and the lashes never moved an inch all night!! True story. Ok that’s enough bigging her up…I might get some free treatments now next weekend when I’m home 😉

So my suggestions for primers are Porefessional by Benefit and Smashbox Photo Finish.



So the tip is to always prime after your moisturiser has soaked in.

Anyway, Lorraine pointed out all the benefits of primer as follows:

“Primer is definitely a must and I would have to agree with my big sis Tanya that Smashbox is  one of the best! The idea behind primer is that it conceals, smoothes, matifies, minimises the appearance of pores and smoothes out your skin tone, as well as providing a base for your make up to help it stay in place for longer. A more affordable primer I would HIGHLY recommend would be the Botanics Radiance Balm from Boots. For anyone that is a lover of Mac and uses their Strobe Cream, this is definitely the dupe of it and is about a quarter of the price. I’m using it everyday on my skin and find it’s amazing”.


There you go ladies. With party season looming, you need to get yourself a primer if you want your make up to last into the early hours.

Have a super duper weekend! I’m off to a Black Tie Ball tomorrow night so follow me over on snap-chat! I’ll keep ye entertained with my preparation…which actually started yesterday haha

Love, T x 💖

Me, Lorraine & Mary-Lou (photo in background was taken 4 years ago long before Mary Lou joined the sister-hood!) 😊