At boiling point with water-proof eyeliner!

Hi there ladies,

I hope you are all having a great week. There’s a bit of midweek madness going on in this blog-post!

I was in Mayo at the weekend at a wedding and was having a big chat with my sister-in-law Sandra about all things skin and beauty related. We were obsessing over our own facial flaws (she has none by the way!) and the different products we both use. Thankfully this conversation was the morning of the wedding, not the morning after…there were a fair few more facial flaws that morning!

Anyway, she told me two stories that stuck out in my mind following our conversations…the first being a very funny incident that I remember her posting about on her own facebook account a few months ago. Bear with me now while I tell the story and you will see where it’s going…

She had just gotten some fresh eggs and was putting them away when she noticed there were already a couple of unused eggs in the fridge. So, as you do, you want to use the older ones first. As she was putting them all into the same box she decided to mark the older eggs. Rather than using a pen, she used her new waterproof eye-liner which she had also just purchased as it was close to hand! She used it to write the words ‘use 1st’ on the older eggs.

The next morning her husband took out the eggs, followed the ‘use first’ instructions and boiled them…and here is the result! If you are wondering what is the best waterproof eye-liner on the market, I think this might win hands down after bubbling away for 3 minutes in boiling water…unreal or what?!

Rimmel Exaggerate Water-proof Eyeliner only €7.49



The second memorable piece of info she divulged was how she always gets her tan through the airport security when travelling home from the UK. She uses the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs tan (the liquid one in the tube). It’s slightly over the required 100ml limit, at 125ml, but for some reason whenever she is travelling with it in her hand luggage, this tan is never picked up on the scanner! Now I’m not saying to break any airport rules but it’s worth a try as it’s cheap enough even if it is confiscated and there is nothing worse than trying to transfer tan into a smaller bottle for travelling.


Did you ever wonder what the airport security staff do with all the stuff they take? There is definitely one aul hag of a security guard in Manchester now with fab skin and eye-brows after taking my Clarins toner, Eliabeth Arden 8 hour cream and a Tweezerman tweezers….I know it’s my own fault but I came from Dublin with them and it was only after the new rules came in. As you can see I am not quite over it yet!!! haha

So that’s it ladies…thanks Sandra for my blog content this week! She told me she actually left the tan behind her by mistake. Don’t worry Sandra it’ll be there for you when you come home again to Mayo…but not if I get my hands on it first!!

Have a good week…I am meeting the gorgeous Roz Purcell on Friday evening as she is hosting an event for us at work. Now in all fairness no amount of make up or any kind of effort on my behalf will make me look anyway decent in a photo beside her…I think I’ll just stay behind the lense!

And don’t be going mad on the vino on Good Friday ladies with the ‘home measures!’. I can foresee the queues already in the off-licenses on Thursday!!

I hope the Easter bunny leaves you lots of nice chocolate too on Sunday.

Tanya x