Simone Mahler…my new BFF!

Hi there,

Here we are mid-week and mid-Summer…hard to believe really? Clouds all day and now I am actually cold this evening.

Recently I was contacted by Catriona’s Health & Beauty Clinic in Athlone  to see if I would like to try out a new French skincare range they are now retailing, Simone Mahler. I was honest with Catriona and told her I had never heard of it before. After doing my research I found out Simone Mahler started her ‘dermo cosmetic’ company  over 60 years ago and it’s in distribution globally over 40 years but only launched in Ireland early this year. ‘Dermo Cosmetics’…I was interested!

Having a beauty background, being a beauty junkie and always wanting something new for my skin I thought I would give it a go! Dermo cosmetics sounded a lot more scientific than the usual word ‘skincare’ so I was curious. I did explain to Catriona, the owner of Catriona’s Health & Beauty Clinic that my blog is called ‘My Little Love Stories’ for a reason –  I write about what I love, so if I didn’t like or love these products I would not write about them. I think that’s fair enough when you are blogging as we all know the paid endorsements that bloggers get to promote a product which of course is a great revenue line, but I also think there needs to be some credibility and transparency too as I mentioned before in previous posts. I am not getting paid to say I like them or I don’t like them – I am simply giving my honest opinion on the range that was specifically mapped to my skin type and needs.

Simone pic

3 weeks ago I met with Catherine from Simone Mahler who carried out a full computerised skin analysis on my face (eek I was dreading the results!). Basically it was like an ipad that took close-up photos of my skin for rigorous monitoring. My concerns were lines, wrinkles, lines, wrinkles! I was delighted to hear that the findings weren’t as bad I had thought though and Catherine was very complimentary to me…well she said the camera was honest!! Hmmm, maybe all is not as bad as I think!

I have normal/dry skin which was what the camera showed. I also had some slight pigmentation too under my eye area (years of sun holidays definitely being the main cause of that) and there were some open pores around my nose/chin area.  The lines I loathe on my forehead are going nowhere  – by using dermo-cosmetics it will slow down the ageing process but they won’t vanish. The only solution for those pesks  is some kind of cosmetic surgery or needling and I am going to be honest and say that the needling is something I am definitely going to consider…so watch this space! So really ladies no cream will turn back time, it will only help slow down the ageing process so you really need to be looking after your skin from an early age! Ooops too late now for me!

The range that was specific to me was Decrisp’line – this is the preventative range and slows the effects of time – it’s used to reduce the signs of fatigue, to recover suppleness, tone and brighten and to combat the first signs of ageing.

So how have I been getting on? Well so far brilliantly – I think anyway. I guess the hardest part for me is using everything twice daily. I am a divil in the morning – all I do is moisturise my face…occasionally I tone if my skin feels clammy, but other than that its moisturiser, slap on the make-up and out the door. So getting used to a few more steps has been tough and time consuming but I guess if I want my face to show results, getting up a few minutes earlier is only a small effort!

My night-time regime is always my favourite as I love cleaning the day off and this product, the Gelée Satin is without doubt a product that I will 100% continue to use in the future, and my absolute favourite in the range. Firstly it’s so easy to use – you just apply a small amount to your face, massage it in and it turns into an oil-like formula which can be used on the eye area too. Then using a warm face-cloth remove the product from your face. When I say your face feels ‘so soft’ I genuinely mean it – there is ZERO tightness and I have used some high-end gel cleansers/oil cleansers and I have always felt a slight tightness. My sister used it on Monday night and she would have sensitive skin. She commented that she felt she didn’t even need moisturiser after using it…that’s how soft your skin feels afterwards. And she’s a beautician and has literally tried everything on the market!

Gelee Satin

Gelee satin2

Looks like a soft coconut oil

Next it’s onto the toner, Tonic Bleu which is light and refreshing and a quick wipe is all that is required as the Gelée Satin has removed all your make-up. Again it is soothing as it contains no alcohol.


The serum and moisturiser are absolutely amazing and my skin drinks them in quickly – there is nothing worse than waiting for moisturiser to sink in so you can apply your make-up…like seriously who has time for all that waiting? Plus they leave a lovely dewy finish on your skin. A few people have commented that my skin is ‘looking glowy these days’ and even Colin said I looked ‘a bit different’ (mind you that could be the few beers talking during Euro 2016!!).


The eye-cream is lovely and rich and a small blob goes a long way…I was advised by Catherine, the Simone Mahler skin specialist to gently massage it in under the eye and over the eye area (each eye 30 seconds). I’m going to be honest and say I only do this at night-time! Well every minute counts in the morning! I just rub it in quickly.


I know you are probably reading this and wondering what’s the difference between Simone Mahler and the pharmacy/supermarket brands that we are all so familiar with.

Well here are a few facts about your skin (which I remember from my beauty course) and which I was reminded of when I met Catherine from Simone Mahler. It’s the skin science stuff and maybe this will explain why Simone Mahler isn’t just your regular skincare range.

Elastin production stops at puberty! Jeez…

Peptides work in the dermis (the base layer of skin – the living tissue) and are a component of collagen which plumps the skin. Stem cells work in the basal layer  where new skin cells are produced. Alot of our favourite brands only penetrate the top layer of skin (the epidermis) never reaching the basal layer where all the collagen and hylauronic acids are produced.

Collagen keeps the skin plump and wrinkle free but here’s a few scary stats –  we lose 1-3% of collagen from the age of 18 years and up to 6% during menopause.

You might ask (like I did) why can’t Simone Mahler products be purchased in  your local chemist/online? The answer is that it’s too active and your skin has to be fully analysed before using it. Then after the diagnosis, a beauty prescription with a clear and personalised solution is drawn up.

I am also trying out the exfoliant scrub and I will let you know how I am getting on with that next week. And I am ‘supposed’ to be using the SPF50 daily too but I am very bold and haven’t even opened it yet! Well I am doing well with what I have so far so I am happy with my routine. I am popping back in for a facial treatment tomorrow too so will have another blog-post for you next week and I’ll let you know the results of that as well!

If you want to find out more information you can contact any of the therapists at Catriona’s Health & Beauty Clinic, Castlemaine Street, Athlone on 09064 74127  – they are the exclusive retailer of Simone Mahler Dermo Cosmetics in Athlone. Give them a follow on facebook too – Catríona’s Health & Beauty Clinic.

Righteo, I’m off to have an epsom salt bath now…get rid of a few toxins but then I might have a glass of wine and put the toxins back in again! It’s a vicious circle!! Well I am off this week, so  it’s allowed!

Chat you soon lovely ladies.

Tanya x