Not just for bums!

Hi ladies,

It’s Thursday so that means ‘Tips from T’…now that sounds so corny but it’s nearing the end of the week so my creative juices are only on trickle mode! I’ll try come up with something better soon!

So I felt that I’ve gone through the baby-bag (not that I have one) in the last two weeks, what with using baby shampoo for cleaning make-up brushes and baby lotion for lots of other things. I thought it would be unfair to leave out everyones favourite, the baby wipe!

Now before you get excited I am not for one minute condoning using baby wipes for the removal of make-up. You know girls this is an absolute NO-NO! Now there are water wipes etc. out there at the moment which I haven’t tried but do not use the baby’s – they really do strip your face of moisture! Isn’t it as handy to get a hot face cloth and slather your face in cleanser to remove your make-up? (even if you’ve had a late night out, step away from the baby wipes…trust me, your mouth might be as dry as Ghandi’s flip-flop the next morning but at least your face won’t be!)

I always have a pack in the house and a pack in the car and not a baby’s bum in sight! They are usually just supermarket brand ones I buy as they’re cheap and cheerful and here’s what I use them for:


  • Blot off stains/spills on clothes, upholstery or in the car.
  • Wipe off wipe make-up marks on clothes.
  • Clean stains from shoes and gives them a great shine!
  • Clean the dash-board of the car or wiping hands after filling petrol/diesel.
  • Gives a great shine to sterling silver jewellery.
  • When cleaning out your mucky make-up bag (if it’s anything like mine) wipe down the outside of pencils, lipsticks etc. which may have come into contact with your make up brush or sponge.
  • Wipe over leather furniture or handbags/wallets to remove stains.
  • Clean your computer keyboard.
  • If you’re in a rush or surprise visitors arrive and you don’t have time to clean the bathroom sink, a quick rub of a wipe will have your sink and taps sparkling again!
  • If you’ve gone a bit OTT with the fake tan on wrists, elbows or knees a quick rub of a baby wipe will sort it!
  • Wipe off hair dye marks around forehead/ears.
  • If you like a nice smell in your wardrobe or chest of drawers, pop a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a baby wipe and it will mask the stinky shoe smells!
  • Speaking of smelly shoes…if you’ve been wearing sandals/shoes without socks, give the inside of your shoes a quick wipe and once they’re dry, sprinkle a dust of baby powder in your shoes to freshen them up (oh lord, did I just mention another baby product!)


That’s it! Let me know if you use them for anything else!

I’m off to catch up on Downton Abbey…with all the excitement of the rugby on Sunday I had to record it last night! Have a lovely evening too.

Love, T x heart