Sparkle like a Jewel ✨

Hi there,

I hope everyone is having a fab weekend despite the weather…ughhhh the rain.  If you are heading out tonight ladies bring your brollies and a hat (the hair will be in bits if not!) and if you are staying in, well pour yourself an extra large glass of wine and snuggle up on the couch…I’ll be doing the latter very soon.

Before I get into the styling chatter I was just thinking this evening about friendships. You know when you are  feeling a bit crappy (when someone annoys or upsets you and you feel like screaming or crying?… yep, I’ve had a few of those days recently) there’s always a friend who will put a bit a sparkle back into your dull day. Whether they pep you up, listen to your moaning, laugh at your madness or just hug it out with you, there’s always those extra special people who are there at the end of the phone or at the door (with a bottle of wine in hand!) to cure your woes.  I’m just rambling now but I guess I’m just thinking of the great friends I have, and I am thankful.


My blog-post is about some sparkly jewellery and it just seems apt that I mention a saying my little sister Lorraine always says if something is annoying me – “T, never let anyone dull your sparkle”, and it’s so true (and if you met my sister  you would think she eats glitter for breakfast as she sparkles all day!) So just remember that little quote if you’re every having a bad day ladies.

Anyway speaking of sparkle and getting back to the blog-post…coincidentally I am a huge fan of ‘Sparkle like a Jewel’, a jewellery company based in Co. Mayo run by the fabulous Caroline. I have 2 gorgeous pieces from her collection and like  the mag-pie that I am  I find myself eyeing up all the fabulous stock she has on a regular basis. Caroline you need to stop tempting me on snapchat!! Go follow her girls (sparklelajewel)


My jewellery from ‘Sparkle like a Jewel’

I used to always think statement jewellery was for a night out or a dressy occasion as I purchased piece after piece over the years. But a statement necklace can be used every day to jazz up a jumper, denim shirt, a work outfit or just to lift your spirits…you could just be wearing a plain jumper and all of a sudden you will feel a bit more dressed up. I have styled this fabulous necklace from Sparkle like a Jewel a few different ways…have a look below.


Add a bit of bling to your denim look.


Still with denim…but a bit more preppy!


Love this look with a navy jumper and denim shirt


Add some sparkle to a plain jumper


Wear outside or inside a crisp white shirt – perfect work-wear


Wear with contrasting colours for nice pop of bling!


Always perfect for the dressy look – a strapless dress/top.

Statement jewellery is so versatile so don’t let it pile up in your jewellery box to match that one dress or for one night out and don’t contemplate buying a piece…just buy it – you can wear it so many ways!  I had great fun styling this necklace with my friend Maria last night, who did most of the neck modelling for me. Thanks Madge! Do you like it? Well I was lucky to be gifted this stunning necklace from Sparkle like a Jewel and I have one for you…my fab followers too!

So, if you would like to win this beautiful piece, all you need to do is tag 3 of your sparkliest friends (or more if you have them!), share this post and follow ‘Sparkle like a Jewel’ on facebook. Simple.

This stunning necklace could be yours or you could be a sweetie and gift it to that sparkly friend that means the world to you.

Have a great Saturday night – go forth and sparkle! 🌟

Tanya x 💖


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