Shoe quote

“Hello, my name is Tanya and I am a heel-aholic!”

Oh gosh sometimes my poor piggies don’t thank me for it but when you are vertically challenged you do need all the help you can get.

Working in Galway has been a struggle, battling the cobbled streets on a daily basis running to meetings – it’s a challenge and my exercise! I am on first name terms with the guys in Mr. Timpsons, the shoemaker in Eyre Square Shopping centre. Re-heeling is a constant requirement – new shoes would probably be more cost effective! But to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way as I love my ‘running in heels’!


The minute I come home from work, I kick off the heels (after driving in them too!)  and I just loooove walking around in my bare feet (being constantly questioned by Colin if my feet are not cold on the kitchen tiles…’eh no, they are burning on the inside and this is like heaven’ – he will never understand!)

Another trick to soothe ‘the burn’  is to pop your feet into a basin of water with tea-tree or peppermint oil (like now when I’m writing my blog posts!) Or another favourite thing I love to do is to elevate my legs as high as possible…lying on the bed with my feet up on the wall is a good one! Colin’s eyes roll at this antic too, so I usually do that when he’s not around! I learned this from his granny who can (at nearly 99 years of age, I might add) elevate her leg as straight as a poker up onto her fire mantle! You would have to see it to believe it. Now she doesn’t wear heels like me, but she told me that doing this is very relaxing and it surely is. She is a legend of a lady and I doubt very much I’ll be able to do that at her age.

I recently bought a new pair of flat shoes in Topshop so now I have 2 pairs of flats, 2 pairs of converse (one of which I  hate as they cut the heels off me, and make me look goofy – white leather ones) and I’ve 2 pairs of walking runners (Asics) and that’s the total sum of flat shoes I possess, apart from some flip-flops and sandals for holidays/Summer. I also have some flat Winter boots (they are cowboy style with little 3 inch heels – my friends laugh when I call them ‘my flats’!)



And how many pairs of heels do I have?…well I am not gonna say, but ALOT! And what’s this blog post about…buying more! 🙈

Here’s some I’m lusting after at the mo. I might add one or two to my collection over the coming months. Ssssshh though, you know the story…’Oh these old yokes, I’ve had them since last Summer, I got them in the sales!’ 😉 You get my drift ladies!

Chat ye over the weekend…watch out for all my photos from my first blogger event, Galway Fashion Trail. Am I excited?? Super excited. Do I know what I’m wearing yet? No!! 🙈 Better get into this wardrobe now and sort that pronto!

Tanya 💖 x

P.S. If there’s any shoes you like, just comment and I’ll post up links x





Keep your head, heels and standards high! Tanya 💖 x

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